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Microsoft is now using the power of artificial intelligence in OneDrive and SharePoint. With this initiative, users can be more productive, make more informed decisions, keep more secure and better search capabilities.

The increasing pressure on employees to be more productive in less time is challenging, especially taking into account the ever-increasing digital content. Microsoft aims to ease some of this pressure by providing smart solutions to store content.

Smart features provided by Microsoft 365

Be Productive

#1 Video and audio transcription

Beginning later this year, Microsoft aims to introduce automated transcription services to be natively available for video and audio files in OneDrive and SharePoint. This will use the same AI technology available in Microsoft Stream. A full transcript will be shown directly in the viewer alongside a video or while listening to an audio file. Thus improving accessibility and search. This will further help users collaborate with others to improve productivity and quality of work.

The video once made can be uploaded and published to Microsoft Stream. AI comes into the picture by providing in-video face detection and automatic captions.

Source: Microsoft.com

#2 Searching audio, video, and images

As announced last September, Microsoft has unlocked the value of photos and images stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. Searching images will now be a cake walk as the native, secure AI will determine the location where the photos were taken, recognize objects, and extract text in photos. Video and audio files also become fully searchable owing to the transcription services mentioned earlier.


Source: Microsoft.com

#3 Intelligent files recommendations

The plans are to introduce a new files view to OneDrive and the Office.com home page to recommend relevant files to a user, sometime later in 2018. The intelligence of Microsoft Graph will access how a user works, who the user works with, and activity on content shared with the user across Microsoft 365. This information while collaborating on content in OneDrive and SharePoint will be used to suggest files to the user. The Tap feature in Word 2016 and Outlook 2016 intelligently recommends content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint by accessing the context of what the user is working on.

Source: Microsoft.com

Making informed decisions has never been easier

The innovative AI used in OneDrive and SharePoint helps users make informed decisions while working with content.

Smart features like File insights, Intelligent sharing, and Data insights are here to provide you with stats and facts to make life easier.

Let’s suppose you have an important meeting at hand. File Insights helps viewers with an  ‘Inside look’ i.e. an important information at a glance to prep for the meeting.

Source: Microsoft.com

Intelligent sharing helps employees share relevant content like documents and presentations with meeting attendees.

Source: Microsoft.com

Finally, Data Insights will use information provided by cognitive services to set up custom workflows to organize images, trigger notifications, or invoke more extensive business processes directly in OneDrive and SharePoint with deep integration to Microsoft Flow.

  Source: microsoft.com


Security Enhancements

AI-powered OneDrive and SharePoint will help in securing content and ward off malicious attacks.

OneDrive files restore’ integrated with ‘Windows Defender Antivirus protects users from ransomware attacks by identifying breaches and guides them through remediation and file recovery.
Users will be able to leverage the text extracted from photos and audio/video transcriptions by applying Native data loss prevention (DLP)’ policies to automatically protect content thereby adhering to Intelligent compliance.

Many Fortune 500 customers have already started supporting Microsoft’s bold vision to improvise content collaboration and are moving their content to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Take a look at the official page for detailed information on Microsoft 365’s smart new features.

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