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So, you want to learn how to build machine learning algorithms? But where do you start?

Becoming a data scientist is a really smart career move – it’s possibly one of the most valuable jobs out there. That’s just one of the reasons it was hailed by the Harvard Business Review as the ‘sexiest job of the twentieth century’ back in 2012. But learning the skills you need to become a truly great data scientist, capable of building powerful machine learning systems with languages like Python and R, isn’t easy. Where do you start? And once you have started, how do you stay up to date with the tools you need to continually deliver valuable data-driven insights?

Luckily we’ve got a range of free data science eBooks and free machine learning tutorials to get you started. And once you have got started, we’ve got a wider range of content to help you to continually improve and develop your skills. We think we’ve got everything you need to become a data scientist that can make a real impact in any ambitious and forward thinking organization.

Here are our top free data science and machine learning resources that we think you’ll find learning. When learning data science skills and data analysis skills could be so valuable, starting here for free might just be the smartest investment you make today!

All you need to do is click the links below, log in, and you’ll find the eBook in your account. You’ll then be able to download the free machine learning guides as PDFs which you can keep forever. Simple.


Learn how to build machine learning systems with Python

Python is frequently described as the leading language of data, closely rivalled by R. With this free eBook you’ll learn everything you need to build a range of powerful machine learning algorithms. But it’s not just packed with theory you might learn in a computer science lecture – instead, this free Python eBook focuses on practical examples that demonstrate how to apply machine learning to some interesting problems.

From classifying the quality of StackOverflow questions to building an algorithm that can interpret sounds to classify the genre of a given music file, and even topic modelling Wikipedia, you’ll not only be learning the fundamental concepts of machine learning, but also be putting them into practice.

Download and read Building Machine Learning Systems with Python for free now.

Find out exactly what you need to know about Machine Learning

If you’re looking for a shorter, faster introduction to machine learning, you could do worse than this free machine learning eBook. It does exactly what it says on the tin – it gets you up to speed with the core concepts behind machine learning, telling you exactly what you want to know.

You’ll find out the three key types of machine learning (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning), the basic tools you need and how to get started on a popular dataset that’s commonly used by anyone that’s just started learning machine learning. With a final Spam detection project, it’s got everything to take you from “where do I start?” to “what next?”

Download and read What You Need to Know about Machine Learning for free now.

Free Practical Data Analysis Projects

We’re passionate believers that there’s no point in theory if you can’t put it into practice. That’s true of all the resources here, but this free data analysis eBook is the perfect way to expand your machine learning skills to become a smart data analyst. Yes, you’ll find more on machine learning, but you’ll also learn data scrubbing, handling multiple data formats, as well as useful data visualization techniques (with the help of D3.js).

And when we say practical, we mean practical: Here are some of the practical data analysis projects you’ll find inside this free eBook:

  • Find out how to simulate stock prices with machine learning
  • Predict gold prices with predictive models
  • Modeling infectious diseases with cellular automata
  • Twitter sentiment analysis

If you want to get your hands on some interesting datasets, get started with this free data analysis eBook. We think it’s one of the best places to begin your journey into machine learning and data. And if you’re already on that journey, it’s worth checking out – after all, who doesn’t love a personal project (it beats work, anyway).

Download and read Practical Data Analysis for free now.

With these free machine learning resources and eBooks, you should be well on your way to mastering modern data. So, if you were thinking “where do I start when it comes to machine learning?” you’ll soon be asking “what’s next?!”

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