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Google’s Lucid for ML interpretability, Native Kubernetes support in Apache Spark 2.3, Cloudera Altus with SDX, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning, and data science news.

Top Data science News Stories of the Day

  1. Google strides forward in deep learning: open sources Lucid to answer how neural networks make decisions.

  2. Apache Spark 2.3 now has native Kubernetes support.

  3. Alteryx Analytics 2018.1 is here: The analytics platform for enterprises.

Other Data Science News at a Glance

1. Cloudera announces Cloudera Altus with SDX, the first machine learning and analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), for simplifying Multi-function Big Data Analytics.
Read more on PR Newswire.

2. Prisma Cloud , a new GraphQL Database Platform launched. It offers powerful data workflows like exploring and editing data in an intuitive data browser as well as automatic rollbacks. Further features include team collaboration, performance metrics, health checks and more.
Read more on the Graphcool blog.

3. Pentagon uses AI to analyze drone footage. Google is reportedly working on a pilot project with the US Defense Department to use TensorFlow APIs to assist in object recognition on unclassified data.
Read more on ZDNet.

4. CRAN gets a new addition of textfeatures, a simple package for extracting useful features from character objects.
Read more on CRAN-project.

5. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions unveiled Avenel, its new electronic health record, which uses machine learning to reduce time for clinical documentation and is designed to work like an app.
Read more on Nasdaq.


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