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Microsoft Cloud AI Research Challenge, Neblio – a next-generation blockchain network, Salesforce Einstein Analytics’ ‘Conversational Queries’, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning, and data science news.

Top Data science News Stories of the Day

  1. Google Bristlecone: A New Quantum processor by Google’s Quantum AI lab

  2. Google-Landmarks, a novel dataset for instance-level image recognition

  3. Pandas on Ray: Make Pandas faster by replacing one line of your code

Other Data Science News at a Glance

1. The Microsoft Cloud AI Research Challenge invites any researcher—from students to academics to employees of public and private organizations—to build AI applications on Microsoft AI services, and the two best will be awarded USD25,000.
Read more at Microsoft Research.

2. Neblio, a next-generation blockchain network that aims to make enterprise integration seamless, simple, and cost-effective. It offers a suite of solutions that are intended to streamline the process of integrating blockchain technology in a simple and efficient manner.
Read more at CryptoSlate.

3. Big-data company HVR Software B.V. today launched its real-time data integration platform. The new architecture provides a more efficient method moves data continuously using a log-based change data capture method, which is a low-impact way of moving data from a variety of sources into target systems.
Read more at SiliconANGLE.

4. Google open sources a protocol buffer implementation of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard to make healthcare data work better with machine learning. To enable large-scale machine learning, the protocol buffer have a few additions such as, implementations in various programming languages, an efficient way to serialize large amounts of data to disk, and a representation that allows analyses of large datasets.
Read more at Google Research.

5. MXNet is now faster and more scalable with the 1.1.0 release. With this release, MXNet makes it easier for developers to build vocabulary and load pre-trained word embeddings by adding experimental API.It also includes improved batching for GEMM/TRSM operators with large matrices on GPU makes it faster for you to train models.
Read more at  The Apache Blog.

6. Paxata announced the general availability of Spring ’18, the next major release of the company’s award-winning Adaptive Information Platform. The latest offering significantly accelerates how business consumers prepare enterprise data volumes at speed and creates high-quality information for analysis and collaboration across global organizations with new enhancements that include one-click profiling, rapid data onboarding, and multi-tenancy capabilities.
Read more at Paxata Press releases.

7. Axoni announces AxLang, a new programming language based on Scala that supports functional programming and enables formal verification of smart contracts for Ethereum-compatible networks.
Read more on Medium.

8. Salesforce introduced a new feature to Einstein Analytics today called ‘Conversational Queries’. With Conversational Queries, users can type phrases related to their data — such as “show me top accounts by annual revenue” or “rank accounts decreasing by annual revenue and billing country” — and instantly view answers in automatically configured dynamic charts.
Read more on  Techcrunch.


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