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Cloudflare announced a fast distributed native key-value store for Cloudflare Workers on Friday. They are calling this “Cloudflare Workers KV”.

Cloudflare Workers is a new kind of computing platform which is built on top of their global network of over 150 data centers. It allows writing serverless code which runs in the fabric of the internet itself. This allows engaging with users faster than other platforms. Cloudflare Workers KV is built on a new architecture which eliminates cold starts and dramatically reduced the memory overhead of keeping the code running.

The values can also be written from within a Cloudflare Worker. Cloudflare handles synchronizing keys and values across the network.

Cloudflare Workers KV features

Developers can augment their existing applications or build a new application on Cloudflare’s network using Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Workers KV. Cloudflare Workers KV can scale to support applications serving dozens or even millions of users. Some of its features are as follows.

Serverless storage

Cloudflare created a serverless execution environment at each of their 153 data centers with Cloudflare Workers, but it still caused customers to manage their own storage. But with Cloudflare Workers KV, global application access to a key-value store is just an API call away.

Responsive applications anywhere

Serverless applications that run on Cloudflare Workers get low latency access to a globally distributed key-value store. Cloudflare Workers KV achieves a low latency by caching replicas of the keys and values stored in Cloudflare’s cloud network.

Build without scaling concerns

Cloudflare Workers KV allows developers to focus their time on adding new capabilities to their serverless applications. They won’t have to waste time scaling their key-value stores.

Key features of Cloudflare Workers KV

The key features of Cloudflare workers KV as listed on their website are:

  • Accessible from all 153 Cloudflare locations
  • Supports values up to 64 KB
  • Supports keys up to 2 KB
  • Read and write from Cloudflare Workers
  • An API to write to Workers KV from 3rd party applications
  • Uses Cloudflare’s robust caching infrastructure
  • Set arbitrary TTLs for values
  • Integrates with Workers Preview

It is currently in beta. To know more about workers KV, visit the Cloudflare Blog and the Cloudflare website.

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