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At its Cloud Next 2019 conference happening in Tokyo, Google unveiled new security capabilities that are coming to its enterprise products, G Suite Enterprise, Google Cloud, and Cloud Identity. These capabilities are intended to help its enterprise customers protect their “users, data, and applications in the cloud.

Google is hosting this two-day event (July 31- Aug 1) to showcase its cloud products. Among the key announcements made are Advanced Protection Program support for enterprise products that are rolling out soon, expanded availability of Titan Security Keys, improved anomaly detection in G Suite enterprise, and more.

Advanced Protection Program for high-risk employees

The Advanced Protection Program was launched in 2017 to protect the personal Google accounts of users who are at high risk of online threats like phishing. The program goes beyond the traditional two-step verification by enforcing you to use a physical security key in addition to your password for signing in to your Google account.

The program will be available in beta in the coming days for G Suite, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Cloud Identity customers. It will enable enterprise admins to enforce a set of security policies for employees who are at high-risk of targeted attacks such as IT administrators, business executives, among others. The set of policies include enforcing the use of Fast Identity Online (FIDO) keys like Titan Security Keys, automatically blocking of access to non-trusted third-party apps, and enabling enhanced scanning of incoming emails.

Wider availability of Titan Security Keys

After looking at the growing demand for Titan Security Keys in the US, Google has now expanded its availability in Canada, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom (UK). These keys are available as bundles of two: USB/NFC and Bluetooth. You can use these keys anywhere FIDO security keys are supported including Coinbase, Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce, Stripe, Twitter, and more.

Anomalous activity alerts in G Suite

G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education admins can now opt-in to receive anomalous activity alerts in the G Suite alert center. G Suite takes the help of machine learning to analyze security signals within Google Drive to detect potential security risks. These security risks include data exfiltration, policy violations when sharing and downloading files, and more.

Generative AI at work

Google also announced that it will be rolling out support for password vaulted apps in Cloud Identity. Karthik Lakshminarayanan and Vidya Nagarajan from the Google Cloud team wrote in a blog post, “The combination of standards-based- and password-vaulted app support will deliver one of the largest app catalogs in the industry, providing seamless one-click access for users and a single point of management, visibility, and control for admins.

You can read the official announcement by Google to know more in detail.

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