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Uber and Lyft drivers strike in Los Angeles

Uber open-sources Peloton, a unified Resource Scheduler

Earlier this month, Uber open-sourced Pelton, a unified resource scheduler that manages resources across distinct workloads. Pelton, first introduced in November last year, is...
Serverless Computing

Facebook and Microsoft announce Open Rack V3 to address the power demands from artificial...

From the past few months, Facebook and Microsoft together have been working on a new architecture based on the Open Rack standards. Last week,...

Announcing Linux 5.0!

Yesterday, Linus Torvalds, announced the stable release of Linux 5.0. This release comes with AMDGPU FreeSync support, Raspberry Pi touch screen support and much...
Computer bug, failure or error of software and hardware concept, miniature red ladybug on black computer motherboard PCB with soldering, programmer can debug to search for cause of error.

User discovers bug in debian stable kernel upgrade; armmp package affected

Last week, Jürgen Löb, a Debian user, discovered a bug in the linux-image-4.9.0-8-armmp-lpae package of the Debian system. The version of the system affected...
Releasing a lamp

OpenWrt 18.06.2 released with major bug fixes, updated Linux kernel and more!

Last week the team at OpenWrt announced the second service release of the stable OpenWrt 18.06 series, OpenWrt 18.06.2. OpenWrt is a Linux operating system...
Top 5 cybersecurity assessment tools for networking professionals

Debian 9.7 released with fix for RCE flaw

On 23rd January, Debian announced the release of Debian 9.7 which is the seventh update of the stable distribution of Debian 9. This comes...
Kali Linux 2018.1 released

Remote Code Execution Flaw in APT Linux Package Manager allows man-in-the-middle attack

Yesterday a remote code execution bug was found in the APT high-level package manager used by Debian, Ubuntu, and other related Linux distributions. Max...

GeoServer 2.14.2 rolled out with accessible WMTS binding,improved style editor and more

Last week, GeoServer 2.14.2 was released., GeoServer is an open source software server based on Java, for sharing geospatial data. It allows users to...
Jungle forest

Black Hat hackers used IPMI cards to launch JungleSec Ransomware, affects most of the...

Unsecured IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) cards are preparing a gateway for the JungleSec ransomware that affected multiple Linux servers. The ransomware attack was...

Bash 5.0 is here with new features and improvements

GNU project made version 5.0 of its popular POSIX shell Bash ( Bourne Again Shell) available yesterday. Bash 5.0 explores new improvements and features...