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Organizations all over the world rely on Cloud CDN for fast, reliable web and video content delivery. Now, we’re making it even easier for you to take advantage of our global network and cache infrastructure by reducing the cost of Cloud CDN for your content delivery going forward.

First, we’re reducing the price of cache fill (content fetched from your origin) charges across the board, by up to 80%. You still get the benefit of our global private backbone for cache fill though—ensuring continued high performance, at a reduced cost. We’ve also removed cache-to-cache fill charges and cache invalidation charges for all customers going forward.

This price reduction, along with our recent introduction of a new set of flexible caching capabilities, makes it even easier to use Cloud CDN to optimize the performance of your applications. Cloud CDN can now automatically cache web assets, video content or software downloads, control exactly how they should be cached, and directly set response headers to help meet web security best practices.

You can review our updated pricing in our public documentation, and customers egressing over 1PB per month should reach out to our sales team to discuss commitment-based discounts as part of your migration to Google Cloud.

To read more about Cloud CDN, or begin using it, start here.