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Yesterday, Atlassian made two major announcements, the acquisition of OpsGenie and the release of Jira Ops. Both these products aim to help IT operations teams resolve downtime quickly and reduce the occurrence of these incidents over time.

Atlassian is an Australian enterprise software company that develops collaboration software for teams with products including JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, Bitbucket, and Stash.

OpsGenie: Alert the right people at the right time


Source: Atlassian

OpsGenie is an IT alert and notification management tool that helps notify critical alerts to all the right people (operations and software development teams). It uses a sophisticated combination of scheduling, escalation paths, and notifications that take things like time zone and holidays into account.

OpsGenie is a prompt and reliable alerting system, which comes with the following features:

  • It is integrated with monitoring, ticketing, and chat tools, to notify the team using multiple channels, providing the necessary information for your team to immediately begin resolution.
  • It provides various notification methods such as, email, SMS, push, phone call, and group chat to ensure alerts are seen by the users.
  • You can build and modify schedules and define escalation rules within one interface.
  • It tracks everything related to alerts and incidents, which helps you to gain insight into areas of success and opportunities for improvement.
  • You can define escalation policies and on-call schedules with rotations to notify the right people and escalate when necessary.

Jira Ops: Resolve incidents faster

Jira Ops

Source: Atlassian

Jira Ops is an unified incident command center that provides the response team with a single place for response coordination. It is integrated with OpsGenie, Slack, Statuspage, PagerDuty, and xMatters. It guides the response team through the response workflow and automates common steps such as creating a new Slack room for each incident. Jira Ops is available through Atlassian’s early access program.

Jira Ops enables you to resolve a downtime quickly by providing the following functionalities:

  • It quickly alerts you about what is affected and what the associated impacts are.
  • You can check the status, severity level, and duration of the incident.
  • You can see real-time response activities.
  • You can also find the associated Slack channel, current incident manager, and technical lead.

You can find more details on OpsGenie and Jira Ops on Atlassian’s official website.

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