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Arm, the world’s leading semiconductor IP company, for the first time have disclosed its forward-looking compute performance data and a CPU roadmap for their Client Line of Business from now through 2020.

Every year they introduce new world-class CPU designs that have delivered double-digit gains in instructions-per-clock (IPC) performance since 2013. Their aim is to enable the PC industry to overcome their reliance on Moore’s law and deliver a high-performance, always-on, always-connected laptop experience.

Key highlights of this client compute CPU roadmap


Arm’s client roadmap

  • 2018: Earlier this year, the launch of Cortex-A76 was announced. It delivers laptop-class performance while maintaining the power efficiency of a smartphone. We can expect hearing more on the first commercial devices on 7nm towards the end of the year and coming months.
  • 2019: Arm will be delivering the CPU codenamed ‘Deimos’ to their partners, which is a successor to Cortex-A76. ‘Deimos’ is optimized for the latest 7nm nodes and is based on DynamIQ technology. DynamIQ redefines multi-core computing by combining the big and LITTLE CPUs into a single, fully-integrated cluster with many new and enhanced benefits in power and performance for mobile to infrastructure. With these added improvements, it is expected to deliver a 15+ percent increase in compute performance.
  • 2020: The CPU codenamed ‘Hercules’ will be available to Arm partners. Same as ‘Deimos’, it is also based on DynamIQ technology and will be optimized for both 5nm and 7nm nodes. It is expected to improve power and area efficiency by 10 percent in addition to increase in the compute performance.

What does this roadmap tell us?

  • Take advantage of the disruptive innovation 5G will bring to all client devices.
  • The innovations from their silicon and foundry partners will help Arm SoCs (System on Chip) to breakthrough the dominance of x86 and gain substantial market share in Windows laptops and Chromebooks over the next five years.
  • The Arm Artisan Physical IP platform and Arm POP IP will help partners get every bit of performance-per-watt they can out of their SoCs on whatever process node they choose.

This latest roadmap highlights that Arm is bringing new innovations and features to the PC industry with its annual cadence design. They will be talking more about their latest product releases and ecosystem developments at Arm TechCon which will be held in October this year.

To know more about their CPU roadmap, head over to Arm’s news post.

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