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According to a report by Information, Amazon is developing a video game streaming service. Microsoft and Google have also previously announced similar game streaming offerings. In October, Google announced a new experimental game streaming service, namely, Project Stream. In the same month, Microsoft’s gaming chief Phil Spencer confirmed a streaming game service for any device at the E3 conference called the Project X Cloud.

Amazon’s idea is to potentially bring top gaming titles to virtually anyone with a smartphone or streaming device. The service will handle all the compute-intensive calculations needed to run graphics-intensive games in the cloud. It would then stream them directly into a smart device so that gamers can get the same experience as running the titles natively on a high-end gaming system.

Information says that although the Amazon gaming service isn’t likely to be launched until next year, Amazon has begun talking to games publishers about distributing their titles through its service. Most likely, this initiative would succeed considering Amazon is the biggest player in the cloud market. Amazon currently owns 32 percent of the cloud market, compared with Microsoft Azure’s 17 percent and Google Cloud’s 8 percent. These make better chances for Amazon to succeed. This would make it easier for gamers to take advantage of Amazon’s vast cloud offerings and play elaborate, robust games even on their mobile devices

As the Information noted, a successful streaming platform may possibly overcome the long-standing business model of the gaming world, in which customers pay out $50 to $60 for a Triple-A title.

Amazon is yet to shell out the details of such a video gaming service officially.

Check out the full report on The Information.

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