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DockerCon 2018 is around the corner and is taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco next week from 12th -15th June. More than 6,000 developers, architects, system admins, and other IT professionals are expected to get their hands on the latest enhancements in the container ecosystem.

DockerCon is where people from the Docker community come together to learn, share, and collaborate. Here, you will find attendees from beginners, to intermediate and advanced experts who are interested in learning something new and enhancing their skill set.

So, if you are interested in learning the modern ways of working with Docker then, this is your perfect chance. Here, you will have 2 full days of training, over a 100 session and hands-on labs, free workshops and more that will be brought to the table by different individuals.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your DockerCon Agenda, here is the DockerCon Agenda Builder that will help you browse and search the sessions you are looking forward to in DockerCon 2018.

With that being said, here are some interesting sessions you should not miss in your trip to DockerCon 2018.

Automated Hardware Testing Using Docker for Space

We already know how hard it is to cope up with space but that is not keeping Docker from thinking beyond web content. Space software development is difficult as they run on highly constrained embedded hardware. But Docker and its DevOps mentality helped DART create a scalable and rapidly deployable test infrastructure, in NASA’s mission to hit an asteroid at 6 km/s.

This presentation will be all about how Docker can be used for both embedded development environment and scalable test environment. You will also learn about how Docker has evolved testing from a human-based testing to an automated one. Lastly, this presentation will summarize the do’s and don’ts of automated hardware testing, how you can play a key role in making a difference and what Docker wishes to achieve in the near future.

Democratizing Machine Learning on Kubernetes

One of the biggest challenges Docker is facing today is understanding how to build a platform that runs common open-source ML libraries such as Tensorflow. This session will be all about deploying distributed Tensorflow training cluster with GPU scheduling Kubernetes.

This session will also teach you about the functioning of distributed training, its various options and which options to choose when.

Lastly, this session will cover best practices on using distributed Tensorflow on top of Kubernetes. In the end, you will be provided with a public Github repository of the entire work presented in this session.

Serverless Panel (Gloo function gateway)

DockerCon 2018 is entirely based on your journey to containerization, where you will learn about modernizing traditional applications, adding microservices, and then serverless environments.

One of the interesting development areas in 2018 is Gloo which is designed for microservice, monolithic, and serverless applications. It is a high-performance, plugin-extendable, platform-agnostic function gateway that enables the enterprise application developer to modernize a traditional application. Gloo containerizes a traditional application and uses microservices to add functions to it. Developers can then leverage orchestrated and routed portable serverless frameworks on top of Docker EE, or AWS Lambda to create hybrid cloud applications.

Don’t Have A Meltdown! Practical Steps For Defending Your Apps

With recent cybercrime events such as Meltdown and Spectre, security has become one of the major concerns for applications developers and operations teams. This session will demonstrate some best practices, configuration, and tools to effectively defend your container deployments from some common attacks.

This session will be all about risks and preventive measures to be taken on authentication, injection, sensitive data, and more. All the events displayed in this session are inspired from highlights of OWASP Top 10 and other popular and massive attacks. By the end of this session, you will understand important security risks in your application and how you can go about mitigating them.

Tips & Tricks of the Docker Captains

This session is entirely focused on the tips and tricks for making the most out of Docker. These best practices will be from Docker Captains who will guide users in making common operations easier, addressing common misunderstandings, and avoiding common pitfalls. Topics covered in this session will revolve around build processes, security, orchestration, maintenance and more. This session will not only make new and intermediate user’s life easy with Docker but will also provide some new and valuable information to advanced users.

DockerCon is considered as the number one container conference for IT professionals interested in learning and creating scalable solutions with innovative technologies. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for DockerCon 2018 now and if you haven’t yet, you can register for DockerCon 2018 and get your container journey started.

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