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Anaconda version 5.0, Cisco-Google cloud partnership, NVidia Volta GPU on AWS, and more in today’s data science news.

Anaconda in News

Anaconda Distribution 5.0 released

Data science distribution platform Anaconda has announced its version 5.0 where more than 100 packages have been added or updated. The new release offers wider scope of compatibility as it features all new compilers on macOS and Linux, along with more flexible dependency pinning of NumPy packages. Anaconda Distribution 5.0 is immediately available for download and installation. Alternatively, users can upgrade to version 5.0 by using conda update conda followed by conda install anaconda=5.0

Cisco and Google cloud collaboration in News

Cisco, Google team to forge hybrid cloud partnership

Cisco and Google are working together on an open hybrid solution that may help companies manage software services both on the Google Cloud as well as in their own data centers. The partnership will help customers enhance agility and security in a hybrid world, the companies said. It will set a complete environment that will develop, run, secure and monitor workloads, using which customers can improve their existing infrastructure and plan cloud migration well enough to prevent a lock-in. Google said in its official blog announcement that open source platforms Kubernetes and Istio will be at the forefront of the new architecture. “We’re working together to deliver a consistent Kubernetes environment for both on-premises Cisco Private Cloud Infrastructure and Google’s managed Kubernetes service, Google Container Engine. This way, you can write once, deploy anywhere and avoid cloud lock-in, with your choice of management, software, hypervisor and operating system,” Google said, adding that Istio will enable developers use policy-driven controls to scalably connect, help secure, discover and manage the applications.

Nvidia Volta GPU in News

Nvidia makes its Volta GPUs available through Amazon Cloud

Amazon has beaten Google and Microsoft in the cloud race for providing Nvidia’s next generation GPU Volta through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers will be able to run instances with up to 8 V100 GPUs, which will initially be made available from AWS’ Northern Virginia, Oregon, Ireland, and Tokyo data centers.

Other Data Science News

Blue Canoe secures $1.4M to improve English speaking using machine learning

Blue Canoe Learning, a new artificial intelligence startup that helps ESL speakers improve their English pronunciation, has raised an initial $1.4 million investment from Kernel Labs and others to expand its operations. Using machine learning and speech recognition, Blue Canoe has digitized the Color Vowel System and packaged it as an app where users (the non-native English speakers) play a card game and say the vocabulary word on the card; a machine learning system listens and identifies whether they have pronounced it correctly, and if not, gives relevant feedback. The startup will be getting its next few months of guidance and nurturing from the Allen Institute for AI.

Voyomotive unveils Data Analytics GateWay to make available advanced vehicle data

Voyomotive has launched an innovative program Data Analytics GateWay that will make advanced vehicle data available to industry partners, and enable development of the next generation of automotive applications. Voyomotive said the data provided by GateWay is typically not available from OEM or other aftermarket telematics systems and is ideally suited for AI, Machine Learning, Driverless Car, and app development. There is no cost to join GateWay, but the program is limited to corporate partners and software developers who can use their LinkedIn accounts for instant access or apply by filling out the GateWay Partner Application.

eBay introduces deep learning-based image search capabilities for finding products using photos

As originally announced in July, eBay has launched two new visual search tools, Image Search and Find it on eBay, to let online shoppers find items using photos from their phone or web. The new features make use of advancements in computer vision and deep learning, including the neural networks, eBay said. Pinterest, Google and Amazon already have visual search functionalities.


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