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Changes in MySQL 8.0.4, PyCharm Early Release, Dundas BI 5, Cortex 5 to accelerate Enterprise AI Adoption, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning,and data science news.

1. Changes in MySQL 8.0.4 (Release Candidate)

MySQL has come up with some changes in the 8.0.4 version of its release candidate.

Let’s have a look at some of these:

  • Some configuration options in the InnoDB and replication have been deprecated and will be removed.
  • The Performance Schema now uses SHA-256 hashes for statement digests rather than MD5 hashes
  • There are some packaging notes included for Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • A new RESTART SQL statement is available that enables restarting a MySQL server instance from within a client session
  • The MySQL test suite now includes CRC32() tests
  • X Plugin now supports Caching SHA-2 Pluggable Authentication

These and many other changes have been explained in detail in the link here.

2. PyCharm Early Release 2018.1 EAP now available

The Early Access Program(EAP) for Pycharm 2018.1 is here.

Here’s what’s new in 2018.1 EAP 1:

  • Scientific Project type : One can create a new scientific project straight from the new project screen. Scientific projects are created by default with a Conda environment and will scaffold the directory for your data.
  • Improved HiDPI support : It now supports configurations running Windows 8.1 or higher, with multiple displays that have different scale factors or a display with a fractional scale factor.
  • Open Terminal from the Project tool window : One just has to right-click a folder in the Project tool window and this will start a terminal in that folder.
  • Better code completion for Python : Includes improvised stubs for the Python standard library to improve code completion for these libraries.

To read more about this news in detail, visit this link. You can also check out the release notes.

3. Dundas Data Visualization announces its Dundas BI 5

Dundas Data Visualization, Inc.  announced today the availability of Dundas BI 5.  

The Dundas BI 5 is the latest release of their fully customizable BI and analytics platform, which makes unlimited analytics possibilities easier. The BI 5 enables a complete 360-degree data control with innovative methods for analyzing data. The methods include, advanced visual analytics, new built-in integrations, and an excellent user experience.  

Listed below are some features of Dundas BI 5:

  • An advanced Predictive Analytics with forecasting, clustering using Python
  • Tree and Chord Diagrams for visual detection of hidden relationships
  • Heat Maps and other data mapping enhancements
  • A new homepage enabling faster and easier navigation around data content
  • Easier and faster Data Preparation with greater data visibility
  • New Advanced Visual Interactions for intuitive point and click analysis

To read about this coverage in detail, visit the website.

4. Litmus Automation Announces Loop Insights: A platform for complex IoT Analytics and Visualization

Litmus Automation, a provider of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, today announced the availability of Loop Insights.  

Loop insights is a live dashboard, offered with the Loop platform for complex IoT analytics and visualization. It is one of the several flexible modules, designed to provide a wealth of information and insight on IoT integrations, through just a few simple clicks. Loop Insights enable the creation of derived complex visualizations and analysis for measuring key data and device KPIs. It is also ideal for monitoring downtime and uptime to improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Vatsal Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Litmus, says, “We have developed Loop Insights to keep all business users on an IoT project on the same page. While IoT projects are growing rapidly, we see customers capturing a vast amount of data without the ability to properly process and put that data to work for their business. The Loop IoT platform, with Loop Insights, brings data from the edge to the internal service provider for better business intelligence in real-time.”

For a detailed read visit this link.

5. CognitiveScale launches Cortex 5 to Accelerate Enterprise AI Adoption

CognitiveScale, a leading augmented intelligence software company, today announced Cortex 5. It is the next generation of augmented intelligence cloud software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

Matt Sanchez, CTO and co-founder, CognitiveScale, states,“Our Cortex 5 platform helps businesses derive rapid benefit from AI powered business processes by bridging the data, skills, and tooling gaps between data science workflows and the software development lifecycle.”

Cortex 5 is designed to help businesses with limited ML expertise and start building their own high-quality AI systems through three interrelated cloud-based software offerings:

  • AI Marketplace
  • AI Platform
  • AI Systems

Cortex 5 is available on both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments and supports both enterprise and hybrid cloud deployments.

To read about the cloud-based software offerings in detail you may visit the website.

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