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Groups and Cohorts in Moodle

In this article by William Rice, author of the book, Moodle E-Learning Course Development - Third Edition shows you how to use groups to...

Creating a quiz in Moodle

Getting started with Moodle tests To start with, we need to select a topic or theme for our test. We are going to choose general...

Moodle: Authentication Methods

Moodle Security Learn how to install and configure Moodle in the most secure way possible Basics of authentication Authentication is the process of confirming that something or...

Securing a Moodle Instance

Moodle Security Moodle is an open source CMS (Course Management System)/LMS (Learning Management System)/VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Its primary purpose is to enable educational institutions...

What’s New in Moodle 2.0

Nine years ago, in Australia, a Computer Science graduate named Martin Dougiamas was trialing a web tool he'd developed to help teachers create lessons...