Introducing WaveMaker 10: An aPaaS software to rapidly build applications with Angular 7 and Kubernetes support

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Last week, the WaveMaker team released its enhanced platform, WaveMaker 10. This version comes with an advanced technology stack leveraging Angular 7, integrated artifact repository, IDE synchronization features, and more.

WaveMaker is an application platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) software that allows developers to rapidly build and run custom apps. It enables developers to build extensible and customizable apps with standard enterprise-grade technologies. The platform also comes with built-in templates, layouts, themes, and widgets to help you build responsive apps without having to write any code.

Key enhancements in WaveMaker 10

Improved application stack with Angular 7 and Kubernetes support

  • Developers can now leverage Angular 7 to build responsive web and mobile apps. Angular 7 support provides greater performance and efficiency, type safety, and modern user experience.
  • Scaling applications with Kubernetes is supported via a 1-click deployment feature. You can now natively pack your apps as containers and deploy them to a running Kubernetes cluster.

Enhanced developer productivity and collaboration

  • To give developers more control over their code and help them build apps faster, WaveMaker 10 comes with enhanced IDE support. With the newly introduced workspace sync plugin, developers can pull code changes seamlessly between WaveMaker and any IDE without having to manually export and import them.
  • To allow developers to share reusable application elements like service prefabs, templates, themes, and data models, an integrated artifact repository is introduced.
  • The platform can now be localized in a regional language enabling better collaboration between global development teams.

Increased enterprise security and accessibility

  • Support for configuring and implementing role-based access at both platform and project levels is introduced in WaveMaker 10. You can now create multiple developer personas with unique permission sets.
  • Open ID authentications for Single Sign-On (SSO) are supported by both the platform and applications built using it. Additionally, all WaveMaker 10 applications are protected from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities to ensure greater security against threats and malicious injections.
  • Applications built with WaveMaker 10 also support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, making them more accessible to users with disabilities.

Head over to WaveMaker’s official website to know more in detail.

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