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Zefflin Systems announced its ServiceNow Plugin 2.0 for the Red Hat Ansible 2.0.

The plugin helps IT operations easily map IT services to infrastructure for automatically deployed environment.

Zefflin’s Plugin Release 2.0 enables the use of ServiceNow Catalog and Request management modules to:

  • Facilitate deployment options for users
  • Capture requests and route them for approval
  • Invoke Ansible playbooks to auto-deploy server, storage, and networking

Zefflin’s Plugin 2.0 also provides full integration to ServiceNow Change Management for complete ITIL-compliant auditability.

Key features and benefits of the ServiceNow Plugin 2.0 are:

  • Support for AWX: With the help of AWX, customers who are on the open source version of Ansible can easily integrate into ServiceNow.
  • Automated Catalog Variable Creation: Plugin 2.0 reads the target Ansible playbook and automatically creates the input variables in the ServiceNow catalog entry. This significantly reduces implementation time and maintenance effort. This means that the new playbooks can be onboarded in less time.
  • Update to Ansible Job Completion: This extends the amount of information returned from an Ansible playbook and logged into the ServiceNow request. This enhancement dramatically improves the audit trail and provides a higher degree of process control.

The ServiceNow Plugin for Ansible enables DevOps with ServiceNow integration by establishing:

  • Standardized development architectures
  • An effective routing approval process
  • An ITIL-compliant audit framework
  • Faster deployment
  • An automated process that frees up the team to focus on other activities

Read more about the ServiceNow Plugin in detail on Zefflin System’s official blog post

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