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YouTube shocked the internet world yesterday evening (Pacific time) when it faced a worldwide outage issue. The disruption lasted well for over half an hour (although it felt like a lifetime) for users worldwide. Users were unable to log in, upload or watch any of the videos as it showed a message saying “500 Internal Server Error:  a team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation”.

Although the cause of the outage isn’t clear yet, the YT team was well aware of the issue and took Twitter to update users on the issue:

Last time YouTube experienced a service outage was back in July during the World Cup game between Croatia and England and once in May when YT TV faced a similar disruption during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Once yesterday’s issue got resolved, YouTube notified the users about the same on Twitter:

While YT was down, users all around the world found themselves stuck with a question “what should I do with my life now?”. Twitter was just the perfect platform for passing time with everyone stepped up their meme game, venting their frustration over the outage.

Here are some of the best tweets by users expressing their feelings about their temporary exile from YouTube:


But, the meme game didn’t stop just there. Memes continued to roll out even after YT was up and running. We’re guessing it was people’s way of recuperating from the exile.

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