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Designing prototypes is a great way to extend your sketching skills and to test the products you’ve been building. In particular, user experience prototyping solves problems for users, infuses user needs into conversations, that eventually build better products and services.

Motion and interaction are part of user experience prototyping. Motion helps in enforcing and exploring what the interaction design is like and prototyping interactions help us define how a product works.

This clip is taken from the video Advanced UX Techniques by Chris R. Becker. In this course, you will explore UX techniques such as sketching, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes.

Interaction Design (IxD) is the design of interactive products and services in which a designer’s focus is on including the way users will interact with it. In this video, we’ll explore the following five aspects of interaction design:

  • Words: Do users understand, read and use the shape
  • Objects: Do users recognize and use the shapes, if it’s a phone or a keyboard
  • Time: The time is taken by users in accomplishing a task ( Are they reading a long article)
  • Behavior: How do users respond or react to anything that app designers make them do.
  • Visuals: Do users like what they see

As you iterate on the prototypes of your app, you should be evaluating them against these aspects in your interaction design. The role of interaction design is trying to define the ways a user can interact. Interactions can be complex so strong focus should be given on thinking about how the systems are interconnected. Interactions are learned and can be improved through animations.

Watch the clip above to learn more about why motion and interaction design are key aspects in a UX Design.

About the Author

Chris R. Becker is an Imaginative and creative Sr. UX designer/IxD/design thinker and educator. He designs across media platforms from the web to iOS and Android as well as SaaS and service design. He leads Design thinking workshops and UX deliverables, all the while using communication skills both in the classroom and for client presentations.

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