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Business insights has always been a hotspot by companies and with data that keep flowing, growing and becoming fat by the day, analytics need to be quicker, real-time and reliable. Analytics that can’t match up today’s data provide insights that become almost lifeless to market dynamics.

The question then is, is there an analytics solution that can tackle the data hydra?

Elastic Stack is your answer. It is power packed with tools like Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, X-Pack and Beats that takes data from any source, in any format, and provide instant search, analysis, and visualization in real time.

With over 225 million downloads, it is a clear crowd favorite. Enterprises get an addon benefit in using it as a single analytical suite or getting it integrated with other products, delivering real-time actionable insights and decisions every time.

Why Enterprises love the Elastic Stack?

Some of the common things that enterprises love about the Elastic Stack is its being open source platform. The next thing that IT companies enjoys is its super fast distributed search mechanism that makes your queries run faster and much efficient. Apart from this, its bundling with Kibana and Logstash makes it awesome for IT infrastructure and DevOps teams who can aggregate and analyze billions of logs with ease. Its simple and robust analysis platform provides distinct advantage over Splunk, Solr, Sphinx, Ambar and many other alternative product suites. Also, its SaaS option allows customers to perform log analytics, full text search and application monitoring over the cloud with utmost ease and reasonable pricing.

Companies like Amazon, Bloomberg, Ebay, SAP, Citibank, Sony, Mozilla, WordPress, SalesForce are already been using Elastic Stack, powering their search and analytics to combat their daily business challenges. Whether it is an educational institution, travel agency, e-commerce, or a financial institution, the Elastic stack is empowering millions of companies with real-time metrics, strong analytics, better search experience and high customer satisfaction.

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