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Microsoft has released the latest version of Visual Studio 1.22 recently with a few additions and improvements to it. The primary feature that Microsoft has introduced is called “Logpoints”. The idea of Logpoints is very literal – i.e. these are the breakpoints while debugging code and while taking note of these breakpoints, the developers need not stop code execution and can keep a track of events.

The primary changes are:

  • Syntax Aware code folding: This feature allows better code folding for CSS, HTML, JSON and Markdown files. This feature ensures that the code folding is not based on indentation but based on code syntax and hence makes the code much more readable and developer friendly.
  • Conversion to ES6 Refactoring: How many times have you thought that a little bit of help while coding would have made your coding experience better? Visual Studio has added this feature in their new release. The code suggest button (an elliptical hover button) will suggest latest ES 6 code snippets and the developers will have the choice to accept it or modify it. A welcome feature for the new and mid-level programmers for sure.
  • Auto Attach to process: This feature provides a lot of help for the Node.js developers. It automatically starts debugging node.js programs and applications the moment you launch them, eliminating the need for a dedicated launcher program.

The other important features of the new version are:

  • Cross file error, warning and reference navigation: This helps you to navigate through the different workspaces efficiently.
  • Improved Large File support: This enables faster syntax highlighting and helps in better and larger memory allocation for bigger applications making the overall debugging process faster.
  • Multi-Line links in the terminal: This feature allows developers to hyperlink multiple links spanning across several lines in the editor.
  • Better organization of JavaScript/TypeScript imports: This feature helps programmers to remove unused codes and sort their imports in a more orderly manner.
  • Emmet Wrap preview: This feature provides the live preview for Emmet’s wrap with abbreviation functionality.

With these new and exciting features, Visual Studio surely is moving towards a more user-friendly and predictive coding platform for the programmers. We will keep a close watch on its future release and share updates on how these releases target better code reusability, importing different codes easily and better-debugging functionality.

Read about the full update on the official Visual Studio website.

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