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Developers are always on the verge of learning something new, which can add on to their skill and their experience. Organizations such as Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle, and many more roll out certain courses and certifications for developers and other individuals. 2018 has brought in some exciting areas for security and system experts to explore.

Our annual Skill Up survey highlighted few of the technologies that security and system specialists are planning to learn in this year. Docker emerged to be at the top with professionals wanting to learn more about it and its implementations in building up a software with the ‘everything at one place’ concept.

The survey also highlighted specialists being interested in learning RedHat’s OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, and AWS technologies.

OpenStack being a cloud OS keeps a check on large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources within any datacenter, all through a web interface. It provides users with a much modular architecture to build their own cloud platforms without restrictions faced in the traditional cloud infrastructure. OpenStack also offers a Red Hat® Certified System Administrator course using which one can secure private clouds on OpenStack. You can check out our book on OpenStack Essentials to get started.

The survey also highlights that system specialists are interested in learning Microsoft Azure. The primary reason for their choice is it offers a varied range of options to protect one’s applications and the data. It offers a seamless experience for developers who want to build, deploy, and maintain applications on the cloud. It also supports compliance efforts and provides a cost-effective security for individuals and organizations.

AWS also offers out-of-the-box features with its products such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and many more. Read about why AWS is a preferred cloud provider in our article, Why AWS is the preferred cloud platform for developers working with big data?

In response to another question in the same survey, developers expressed their interest in learning security. With a lot of information being hosted over the web, organizations fear that their valuable data might be attacked by hackers and can be used illegally.

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Developers are also keen on learning about security automation that can aid them in performing vulnerability scans without any human errors and also decreases their time to resolution. Security automation further optimizes ROI of their security investments. Learn security automation using one of the popular tools Ansible with our book, Security Automation with Ansible 2.

So here are some of the technologies that security and system specialists are planning to learn. This analysis was taken from Packt Skill Up Survey 2018. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. The entire survey report can be found on the Packt store.

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