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Apple Watch

Set for a tentative release in Spring 2015, the Apple Watch is being termed as ‘the wearable to watch out for in 2015’. Whilst I can certainly see why, it’s a product made by Apple, for £300 it’s not a cheap wearable. Nonetheless, we should expect the same high quality as with all other Apple products. The cost is the only thing putting me off, as well as tying me down into an iphone contract, but apart from that, Apple Watch is set to be one of the most highly sought after piece of hardware for 2015.


Wearables isn’t going to go away. It continued its march in 2014, the market got swamped by similar products that essentially all did the same thing, just under a different name and varying prices. From the conclusion of CES 2015, this is set to continue. Don’t get me wrong, if these wearables aid in improving your health and wellbeing, then I am all for them. However, when there are some ‘advances’ in technology such as the self-tying shoe, then you have to question how far, or rather, how ridiculous it is getting. However, 2015 is set to continue with the wearables. I’m not anti-wearables, I have a Fitbit, I’ve considered getting other wearables, I just question when it becomes too much. Call it ‘wearable weariness’. I’m also aware I will likely be one of the minority.

Virtual Reality

2014 also sparked quite possibly the biggest acquisition in hardware, the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook for a reported $2billion, which shows a strong commitment from Facebook towards the future development of Virtual Reality. Whilst 2014 was all about the headsets, for example Project Morpheus from Sony, Samsung’s own VR Headset. Basically Virtual Reality is set to stay. I’m expecting huge things from this area in 2015, however I’m not expecting perfection if that makes sense. Virtual Reality for games will take a leap forward and for gamers and hobbyists alike it will continue to fascinate, but it will still be in its infantile state. Whilst I love the fact that all these companies are finally becoming aware of the popularity of Virtual Reality, they do also need to work together to ensure VR becomes a thing rather than an ambition. As such, I feel that whilst I would love Virtual Reality to be a reality in 2015, I think that it would be a push for this to happen. Of course, I don’t know why I’d love it to happen, considering I suffer from motion sickness, but I can dream I guess.

Steam Machine

A little over a year ago, Steam Machines were announced. These were set to be ‘living room’ pcs from Valve. A year later and we’re still waiting. But are we? I mean a ‘living room’ PC is basically just a computer right? That happens to be in your living room? With the delay, obviously Valve’s partners have gone ahead and published their own ‘version’ of Steam machines. Alienware have released the Alienware Alpha. I’m expecting further partners to release their version and I’m expecting customisation to be heavily marketed. I hope that Valve also announces/innovates their own machine and encourages cheap, but game ready computers. That’s the future, and that’s what I want for 2015.

Internet of Things

Finally, the Internet of Things. In another blog I referred to this as this should really be classed as the Internet of Everything. This is what it’s becoming. Technology has permeated everything. The amount of devices I can now access with wifi/bluetooth and make me things is extraordinary. For example, there is a coffee machine, where if I send a text, it brews a coffee for me. I mean, that’s great, but is that really needed? Or am I just being a grumpy grouch? Similarly there are devices which monitors my mood (I don’t know how) and can then translate that in terms of the lighting. Again, do I need that? I’m viewing this area both with cautious but also with grudging respect. Of course I need a text making coffee machine. Of course I need a device that will track my sleep patterns and tell me what I need to do to improve it. Of course I need that wristband that tells me I don’t do enough exercise. I need all the nagging machines to tell me that! On a serious note, technology reaching all walks of life can only be a good thing, but we need to ensure that our functionality as a human being isn’t eroded. Sounds scarily like Terminator I know, but I’d like to make myself a good cup of coffee once in a while. Maybe once a month?

I’m sure there are other hardware moments to watch out for in 2015, including the evolution of ARM boards and the ever decreasing size of mobile phones. So what are you anticipating?


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