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What is coding as a service?

If you want to know what coding as a service is, you have to start with Artificial intelligence. Put simply, coding-as-a-service is using AI to build websites, using your machine to write code so you don’t have to.

The challenges facing engineers and programmers today

In order to give you a solid understanding of what coding as a service is, you must understand where we are today. Typically, we have programs that are made by software developers or engineers. These programs are usually created to automate a task or make tasks easier. Think things that typically speed up processing or automate a repetitive task.

This is, and has been, extremely beneficial. The gained productivity from the automated applications and tasks allows us, as humans and workers, to spend more time on creating important things and coming up with more ground breaking ideas. This is where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning come into the picture.

Artificial intelligence and coding as a service

Recently, with the gains in computing power that have come with time and breakthroughs, computers have became more and more powerful, allowing for AI applications to arise in more common practice.

At this point today, there are applications that allow for users to detect objects in images and videos in real-time, translate speech to text, and even determine the emotions in the text sent by someone else.

For an example of Artificial Intelligence Applications in use today, you may have used an Amazon Alexa or Echo Device. You talk to it, and it can understand your speech, and it will then complete a task based off your speech. Previously, this was a task given to only humans (the ability to understand speech.). Now with advances, Alexa is capable of understanding everything you say,given that it is “trained” to understand it. This development, previously only expected of humans, is now being filtered through to technology.

How coding as a service will automate boring tasks

Today, we have programmers that write applications for many uses and make things such as websites for businesses. As things progress and become more and more automated, that will increase programmer’s efficiency and will reduce the need for additional manpower.

Coding as a service, other wise known as Caas, will result in even fewer programmers needed. It mixes the efficiencies we already have with Artificial Intelligence to do programming tasks for a user. Using Natural Language Processing to understand exactly what the user or customer is saying and means, it will be able to make edits to websites and applications on the fly. Not only will it be able to make edits, but combined with machine learning, the Caas can now come up with recommendations from past data to make edits on its own.

Efficiency-wise, it is cheaper to own a computer than it is to pay a human especially when a computer will work around the clock for you and never get tired. Imagine paying an extremely low price (one than you might already pay to get a website made) for getting your website built or maybe your small application created.


Every new technology comes with pros and cons. Overall, the number of software developers may decrease, or, as a developer, this may free up your time from more menial tasks, and enable you to further specialize and broaden your horizons.

Artificial Intelligence programs such as Coding as a Service could be spent doing plenty of the underlying work, and leave some of the heavier loading to human programmers.

With every new technology comes its positives and negatives. You just need to use the postives to your advantage!


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