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This week Amazon re:invent, AI-powered bots and cryptocurrencies rule the news. Here is a quick rundown of news that happened this week that’s worth your time!

News Highlights

In other News

1st Dec.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Amazon is putting “Alexa for business”
  • Introducing the AIY Vision Kit: Add computer vision to your maker projects
  • Health Wizz unveils blockchain platform to give patients control of health data
  • H2O.ai secures $40 million to democratize artificial intelligence for the enterprise
  • Impetus Technologies to host meetup on anomaly detection techniques using Apache Spark
  • Uptake raises $117M at $2.3B valuation for industrial predictive analytics
  • CrowdRiff releases ‘smart’ visual content marketing platform

30th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • AWS IoT Analytics: Amazon announces dedicated analytics service for IoT data
  • SageMaker: AWS makes it easier to build and deploy machine learning models
  • AWS DeepLens: Amazon unveils deep learning powered wireless video camera for developers
  • Amazon Translate: A neural machine translation service more accurate and scalable
  • Aurora Serverless: AWS announces a serverless database service where users only pay for the processing when the database is actually doing work
  • Mozilla releases open source Speech Recognition Model and voice dataset

29th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency smashes through $10,000 record, as experts warn of bubbles
  • Bokeh 0.12.11 released
  • Cloudera announces beta version of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB
  • China’s Baidu, Xiaomi enter pact to create smart connected devices under AI and IoT ecosystem
  • Apache Impala upgraded to Top-Level Project
  • Adobe demonstrates future Photoshop tool that uses machine learning to select image subjects
  • DataScience.com now available on AWS Marketplace as a single-click offering

28th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Researchers aim for unbreakable encryption in quantum computers as new breakthrough drastically increases the speed of current QKD transmission
  • Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging: Nuance leverages Nvidia’s deep learning for radiology
  • Change Healthcare, Dicom Systems ink strategic partnerships with Google Cloud to apply AI into medical imaging analytics
  • Announcing AWS Machine Learning Research Awards to fund machine learning research
  • Intuit to use AWS as its standard artificial intelligence platform

27th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Nvidia’s AI processor to be used in GE Healthcare’s medical devices globally
  • EnvoyAI launches with 35 algorithms contributed by 14 newly-contracted artificial intelligence development partners
  • Google may add native dictation support to Chromebooks
  • Lunit Unveils “Lunit INSIGHT,” A New Real-time Imaging AI Platform on the Web at RSNA 2017
  • Kia Motors America launches AI-powered virtual assistant “Kian” to help customers “Know It All Now” about any Kia Vehicle

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