Web development news bulletin – Tuesday 17 April

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Welcome to this week’s web development news bulletin. There’s some interesting new releases, and also news of conflict between 4 of the planet’s biggest tech companies and the W3C.

Web development news from the Packt Hub

Mozilla is building a bridge between Rust and JavaScript. Mozilla has a high level plan for Rust to become a web development language used for backend tasks within the stack. To do this, it has created something called wasm-bindgen, which makes Rust code interoperable with JavaScript via WebAssembly.

Web development news from across the web

  • You can now take a sneak peak at WebAssembly Studio. WebAssembly Studio is an online IDE that provides incredible support when using WebAssembly. It’s also a neat place to learn how to use WebAssembly.
  • Apple, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft push back against W3C. The 4 companies behind the world’s most popular web browsers have expressed considerable dissatisfaction with W3C’s new DOM 4.1 specification.
  • Columbia University’s engineering department launches web development bootcamp. Columbia Engineering has teamed up with Trilogy Education Services to create a 24 week course to teach aspiring developers full-stack skills. “Web development is one of the fastest growing careers in today’s economy with a projected 15% percent growth by 2026” notes Professor Soulaymane Kachani, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at Columbia University. “We are proud to partner with Trilogy to expand access to the digital skills New Yorkers need.”

New software releases


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