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VMware recently announced its Kubernetes-as-a-Service adoption by launching VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE) that provides a multi-cloud experience.

The VKE is a fully-managed service offered through a SaaS model. It allows customers to use Kubernetes easily without having to worry about the deployment and operation of Kubernetes clusters.

Kubernetes lets users manage clusters of containers while also making it easier to move applications between public hosted clouds. By adding Kubernetes on cloud, VMware offers a managed service business that will use Kubernetes containers with reduced complexities.

VMware’s Kubernetes engine will face a big time competition from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, among others. Recently, Rackspace also announced its partnership with HPE to develop a new Kubernetes-based cloud offering.

VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE) features include:

VMware Smart Cluster

VMware Smart Cluster is the selection of compute resources to constantly optimize resource usage, provide high availability, and reduce cost. It also enables the management of cost-effective, scalable Kubernetes clusters optimized to application requirements. Users can also have role-based access and visibility only to their predefined environment with the smart cluster.

Fully Managed by VMware

VMware Kubernetes Engine(VKE) is fully managed by VMware. It ensures that clusters always run in an efficient manner with multi-tenancy, seamless Kubernetes upgrades, high availability, and security.

Security by default in VKE

VMware Kubernetes Engine is highly secure with features like:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Deep policy control
  • Dedicated AWS accounts per organization
  • Logical network isolation
  • Integrated identity
  • Access management with single sign-on

Global Availability

VKE has a region-agnostic user interface and is available across three AWS regions, US-East1, US-West2, and EU-West1, giving users the choice for which region to run clusters on.

Read full coverage about the VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE) on the official website.

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