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Last week, Paul Fazzone, GM Cloud Native Applications, announced the launch of VMware Essential PKS “as a modular approach to cloud-native operation”. VMware Essential PKS includes upstream Kubernetes, reference architectures to help design decisions, and expert support to guide users through upgrades, maintenance and reactively troubleshoot when needed.

Paul notes that more than 80% of containers run on virtual machines (VMs), with the percentage growing every year. This launch keeps up with the main objective of establishing VMware as the leading enabler of Kubernetes and cloud-native operation.

Features of Essential PKS

#1 Modular Approach

Customers who have specific technological requirements for networking, monitoring, storage, etc. can build a more modular architecture on upstream Kubernetes. VMware Essential PKS will help these customers access upstream Kubernetes with proactive support.  The only condition being that these organizations should either have the in-house expertise to work with those components, the intention to grow that capability or the willingness to use an expert team.

#2 Application portability

Customers will be able to use the latest version of upstream Kubernetes, ensuring that they are never locked into a vendor-specific distribution.

#3 Flexibility

This service allows customers to implement a multi-cloud strategy that lets them choose tools and clouds as per their preference to build a flexible platform on upstream Kubernetes for their workloads.

#4  Open-source community support

VMware contributes to multiple SIGs and open-source projects that strengthen key technologies and fill up the gaps in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

#5 Cloud native ecosystem support and guidance

Customers will be able to access 24×7, SLA-driven support for Kubernetes and key open-source tooling. VMware experts will partner with customers to help them with architecture design reviews and help them evaluate networking, monitoring, backup, and other solutions to build a production-grade open source Kubernetes platform.

The Kubernetes community has received this news with enthusiasm.

In November, VMware announced it was buying Heptio at VMworld. Heptio products work with upstream Kubernetes and help enterprises realize the impact of Kubernetes on their business. According to FierceTelecom, “PKS Essentials takes the Heptio approach of building a more modular, customized architecture for deploying software containers on upstream Kubernetes but with VMware support.”

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