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Viavi Solutions, a San Jose-based network test, measurement, and assurance technology company, released version 17.5 of Observer, a popular NPMD ( Network Performance Managment and Diagnostics) tool earlier this week. Observer 17.5 has features such as end-user experience scores, full 100 GB support, improved user experience, and enhanced analytic processing among others.

Observer is recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Network Performance Management and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant. It is the network administrator’s ultimate toolbox. It enables you to discover your network, capture and decode network traffic, as well as use real-time statistics to solve network problems.

Observer 17.5 aims to replace the detailed KPIs that are provided to network engineers with a single result-oriented End-User Experience Score. This will help reduce the guesswork and dead ends that result from troubleshooting processes used by network teams.

Let’s discuss Observer 17.5 key features.

End-User Experience Scoring and Workflows

Observer 17.5 comprises End User Experience Scores integrated with out-of-the-box workflows. This empowers any engineer to navigate a guided path to resolution. Observer 17.5 is backed by complete wire-data, the filtered and relevant insight which can be provided to appropriate IT parties to take corrective actions.

Full 100 GB interface support

Observer provides full-fidelity forensics for investigations with interfaces for 10, and 40 GB. With Observer 17.5, it now also offers support for 100 GB. This ensures the accuracy and completeness of Observer’s performance analytics in high-speed network environments. With the increase in network traffic volumes, it makes sure that every metric reported by the IT team is supported by wire data for root-cause analysis and granular reconstruction.

Enhanced User Experience Understanding

Observer Apex implements adaptive machine learning that delivers intelligent user insight. This helps reduces the false positives as it enforces enhanced understanding of normal environment behavior and user experience.

Improved Interfaces and Analytic Processing

User interfaces have been redesigned in Observer 17.5 that help with easier navigation and interaction across different key elements of the Observer platform. Also, the real-time analytical performance has improved in this version.

For more information, check out the official blog post.

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