TriggerMesh announces open source ‘Knative Lambda Runtime’; AWS Lambda functions can now be deployed on Knative!

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“We believe that the key to enabling cloud native applications, is to provide true portability and communication across disparate cloud infrastructure.”
Mark Hinkle, co-founder of TriggerMesh

Yesterday, TriggerMesh- the open source multi-cloud service management platform- announced their open source project ‘Knative Lambda Runtime’ (TriggerMesh KLR). KLR will bring AWS Lambda serverless computing to Kubernetes which will enable users to run Lambda functions on Knative-enabled clusters and serverless clouds.

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Lambda for serverless computing can only be used on AWS and not on another cloud platform. TriggerMesh KLR changes the game completely as now, users can avail complete portability of Amazon Lambda functions to Knative native enabled clusters, and Knative enabled serverless cloud infrastructure “without the need to rewrite these serverless functions”.

Fun fact: KLR is pronounced as ‘clear’

Features of TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime

  1. Knative is a  Google Cloud-led Kubernetes-based platform which can be used to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads.
  2. KLR are Knative build templates that can be used to runan AWS Lambda function in a Kubernetes cluster as is in a Knative powered Kubernetes cluster (installed with Knative).
  3. KLR enables serverless users to move functions back and forth between their Knative and AWS Lambda. AWS  Lambda Custom Runtime API in combination with the Knative Build system makes deploying KLR possible.

Serverless users have shown a positive response to this announcement, with most of them excited for this news. Kelsey Hightower, developer advocate, Google Cloud Platform, calls this news ‘dope’ and we can understand why! His talk at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon 2018 had focussed on serveless and its security aspects. Now that AWS Lambda functions can be run on Google’s Knative, this marks a new milestone for TriggerMesh.

It would be interesting to see how this moulds the path to a Kubernetes hybrid-cloud model. Head over to TriggerMesh’s official blog for more insights to this news.

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