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Uber unveils open source streaming analytics platform AthenaX

To serve users better with actionable insights, Uber has built an SQL-based streaming analytics platform named AthenaX. The in-house platform was open sourced on GitHub. With the increase in growth of its business, Uber required an infrastructure that could analyze real-time events and was easy to navigate. “AthenaX empowers our users, both technical and non-technical, to run comprehensive, production-quality streaming analytics using Structured Query Language (SQL), the company said in its announcement, “Our real-world experience shows that AthenaX enables users to bring large-scale streaming analytic workloads in production within a matter of hours compared to weeks.”

Qlik’s “Visualize Your World” Data Analytics 2017 Tour kicks off

Qlik has commenced its annual “Visualize Your World” data analytics global tour, being held in 27 cities from different parts of the world. Over 15,000 registrants may attend the event this year across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Americas. “Following a tremendously successful 2016 Tour, we are excited to once again host these events to connect with people in the region who are passionate in learning more about the biggest technology trends in the data analytics space and how blending machine learning with human intuition and creativity creates a multiplier effect for their businesses,” said Julian Quinn, Vice President at Qlik for APAC regions. Qlik will unveil some of its latest innovations at the event. Registration is free.

MicroStrategy 10.9 introduces Dossiers that could “deliver analytics for everyone”

MicroStrategy Inc. has announced general availability of MicroStrategy 10.9, the newest feature release which introduces Dossier, a new storybook experience around analytics. Dossier is an interactive, streamlined interface that presents relevant data analytics in chapters and pages in a format everyone can understand. “MicroStrategy 10.9 represents the biggest leap forward since our MicroStrategy 10 platform launch and underscores our vision of delivering ‘Intelligence Everywhere’,” said Tim Lang, senior executive vice president and chief technology officer at MicroStrategy, “We believe collaborative analytics accelerates the velocity of decision making. That’s why we’re introducing Dossier, an easier and faster method of consuming analytics that we believe end users are going to love. MicroStrategy 10.9 empowers users to do more with their analytics regardless of their technical skill or role.” 

Other Data Science News

Python package pomegranate releases latest version 0.8.0

A new version of pomegranate, a python package for probabilistic modeling, has been released. In pomegranate v0.8.0, there are several new functionalities such as built-in out-of-core learning, bulit-in parallelism, minibatch learning, and semi-supervised learning. Also, multivariate gaussian distributions can now use a GPU through the CuPy package, pomegranate developer Jacob Schreiber said in an announcement, adding that this has speeded up the operations around 4x on test runs. The pomegranate v0.8.0 is still not compatible with networkx v2.0, and users may need to downgrade networkx to use pomegranate. A very detailed documentation has been released for pomegranate v0.8.0, including FAQ for each section.

Microsoft introduces AI assistant Cortana into Skype

Microsoft has added the AI assistant Cortana into Skype. Now every Skype user will see Cortana in their contact list which can be used for either one-on-one chats answering queries with suggested replies, or for conversations involving scheduling of events, searching for nearby restaurants, or sharing IMDB movie reviews. The gradual roll out of Cortana on Skype has kickstarted for iOS and Android users in the U.S., Microsoft announced, while adding that the feature currently does not work in voice or video calls.



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