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spaCy’s latest version, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence processor and a proposed AI broker, among today’s tech stories in data science news.

Announcing spaCy 2.0

spaCy 2.0 released with 13 new neural network models for 7+ languages

The 2.0 version of spaCy has been released, making it up to date with the latest deep learning technologies, with over 60 bug fixes that include several long-standing issues. It is now easier to run spaCy in scalable cloud computing workflows. The spaCy v2.0 comes with 13 new convolutional neural network models for 7+ languages, adding alpha tokenization support for 8 new languages. These models have been designed and implemented from scratch specifically for spaCy, the developer team said, adding that they “re-wrote almost all of the usage guides, API docs and code examples.” For a full overview of changes in v2.0, users can see the guide on migrating from spaCy 1.x.

Microsoft goes full throttle on AI chip

Microsoft says it will extend Hololense AI processor to other devices from daily life

In July, Microsoft had revealed it was designing a custom AI chip for its next-generation Hololense headsets. In latest developments, the company’s Corporate Vice President Panos Panay has said while the work on the proposed artificial intelligence processor is going at full speed, the AI chip may well be implemented in other everyday devices other than Hololense, such as mobile phones, TV’s, wearables, home smart devices and computers. Panay said in an interview that Microsoft is not designing the processor just for its own products, but for devices from all other brands. The AI processor will analyze what the users see and hear on the spot without having to waste precious time to send the data to the cloud for analysis.

Other News

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL integrates high availability and replication

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL has now added support for high availability (HA) and read replicas. This can ensure that users’ database workloads are fault tolerant. Announcing the release, developers said the beta release of high availability provides isolation from failures, and read replicas provide additional read performance — requirements for demanding workloads.

Artificial Intelligence creeps into CryptoTrading, AiX claims to develop first AI broker

Startup AiX has announced the creation of an electronic broker with artificial intelligence. AiX said its AI broker blends cutting-edge artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to make trading cheaper, faster, and trustworthy. Using an AI chatbot and Alexa-style voice recognition, it will execute trades on behalf of individual traders and investment banks that may cut down on trade costs altogether. As all actions will be recorded in blockchain, AiX believes the process will bring reliability and transparency. After securing $16 million already on this project, AiX plans to raise further capital using a token sale before year end.


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