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Yahoo open sources Vespa, Salesforce CRM, Dynamics 365 get smarter and more in today’s data science news.

Vespa: Yahoo open sources internal big data processing and serving engine

After Hadoop, Yahoo has just open sourced its most important internal software named Vespa. Yahoo’s parent company Oath, which is owned by Verizon, said in an announcement that it had been using Vespa for content recommendations and searches. Vespa, which is now live on GitHub, dates back to early 2000’s handling around 3 billion ad requests daily. “By releasing Vespa, we are making it easy for anyone to build applications that can compute responses to user requests, over large datasets, at real time and at internet scale – capabilities that up until now, have been within reach of only a few large companies,” Oath said in its release.


Salesforce releases Data Studio: A new platform for sharing data on marketing cloud

Salesforce has launched a new platform for data sharing within the marketing cloud. The new product, Data Studio, gives the data owners more control in the way they share data and offers marketers better access to relevant data volumes. More importantly, marketers can reach out to their existing customers through artificial intelligence. With Data Studio, publishers have the authority over specific attributes like who are the potential buyers and why are they buying the data, and until what period the data can be used. “Data marketplaces typically provide opaque access to data,” said Raji Bedi, Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, “What our customers desire is the ability to understand the origin, fair rights, and usage of that data. Marketers would prefer to have data with more transparency and a deeper understanding of their audience…this means there’s a more targeted reach for marketers and more revenue for data publishers.”

Microsoft Adds AI capabilities to Dynamics 365 for Customer Support

“Our goal is to increase satisfaction across areas where we engage the customer and within internal support teams who can work more effectively and efficiently,” wrote Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s AI unit, in a blog post. “This is accomplished by having virtual agents engage with customers to solve their issues, and seamlessly transfer to support agents only when necessary. The agents receive real-time suggestions when a customer is handed off and can provide real-time feedback to train the virtual agents to become even more effective over time.”


First End-to-End Automated Big Data Warehousing Platform launched in Cloud

Infoworks said it has released the first and industry’s only end-to-end platform for automated big data warehousing in the cloud which will help organizations “build and deploy big data use-cases in days instead of months.” The platform, Infoworks Cloud Big Data Warehouse, uses advanced automation to handle big data infrastructure reducing the complexity. “We are enabling enterprises to rapidly modernize their data warehouse environments both on premise and in the cloud, and derive strategic value from their big data initiatives,” Infoworks CEO Amar Arsikere said, “The unprecedented level of automation built into the Infoworks platform enables enterprises to rapidly design and deploy big data analytics use-cases without any coding.”

Cloudera Altus Data Engineering: Cloudera partners with Microsoft for Azure cloud platform

Cloudera, which has been teaming up with Microsoft in a series of collaborations, has announced the upcoming beta release of Altus Data Engineering for the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Cloudera Altus Data Engineering on Azure simplifies DevOps and reduces management complexity of infrastructure that are otherwise time consuming. “Enterprise customers increasingly choose Microsoft Azure for their large-scale data processing workloads. We are excited that Cloudera Altus will bring an easy-to-use, end-user focused managed service experience on Azure, that is backed by the proven enterprise-grade Cloudera distribution,” said Corey Sanders, who is the director of Compute at Microsoft Azure. “Azure is the only public cloud that provides Azure Data Lake Storage designed for big data at cloud scale. Together with Cloudera Altus, we help customers build, deploy, and share analytics solutions.”

Hortonworks DataPlane Service will manage and govern data regardless of where it is

In what could be a departure from big data architectures that consolidate data into a single data lake, Hortonworks has launched its cloud-based DataPlane Service that will analyze, manage and govern the data across environments, letting enterprises secure their data irrespective of the use case. It will capture data regardless of whether data is in motion or at rest. While DataPlane Service could be a fabric to manage all kinds of data no matter where they reside, its necessity goes beyond infrastructure reasons as data protection laws are getting stringent day by day.


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