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New tool Olympus, SAP’s collaboration with Red Hat, blockchain-powered Visa B2B Connect, and Dialogflow Enterprise Edition in today’s top stories around data science news.

An instant REST API for any AI model

Olympus – A new tool that instantly creates a REST API for any AI model

Olympus is a command-line tool to deploy a pre-trained machine learning or deep learning model as a REST API, in seconds, thus eliminating the need for developers to manually create the REST APIs. “One of the key differences between Olympus and TensorFlow Serving is that, while TF Serving is optimized for the production environment, Olympus is currently more geared towards the development phase,” Olympus developers announced. To install Olympus, run the code pip install olympus.

Big data meets containerization

SAP Vora introduced into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

SAP Vora solution on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is an integrated solution that pairs enterprise-grade Kubernetes with actionable big data insights. Key features of the integrated offering include: On-demand in-memory big data analytics, easier management of big data analytics at scale, easier integration of SAP Vora with SAP HANA, and better support for agile development around big data use cases.

Visa B2B for cross-border corporate payments

Visa kicks off pilot phase of “Visa B2B Connect” blockchain-based platform, commercial launch in mid-2018

Visa has announced the pilot phase of its blockchain-based platform Visa B2B Connect. The credit card giant had previewed the global payment platform in October 2016. Using blockchain-based architecture, Visa B2B Connect simplifies existing cross-border corporate payments by sending transactions over Visa’s network from the bank of origin directly to the recipient bank. Following the first phase, the commercial launch of the platform is planned for mid-2018.

Google Dialogflow to power conversational interactions

Google rolls out paid enterprise edition of Dialogflow with added speech integration

Google has announced the beta release of enterprise edition of Dialogflow, its tool for building chatbots and other conversational applications. The enterprise edition offers greater flexibility and support for large-scale businesses, and has built-in support for speech recognition,  enabling developers to build rich voice-based applications. The enterprise Edition offers unlimited pay-as-you-go voice support. Companies like Uniqlo, Policybazaar.com and Strayer University have already used Dialogflow to design and deploy conversational experiences, Google said. Dialogflow was formerly known as API.AI, until its acquisition by Google last year.


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