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Google AutoML in News

AutoML has started creating better AIs than researchers, Google says

Google’s AutoML project has started replicating itself, and the AI software is producing machine learning codes with higher efficiency rate than researchers. AutoML was launched this year at Google’s annual developer conference in May with an aim to make machines ‘intelligent’ enough to create other intelligent machines. Now the project is yielding great success as AutoML has started building ML software that are more powerful than human-designed AI systems, even in complicated tasks related to augmented reality and automation. CEO Sundar Pichai said Google could it plans to ‘democratize’ AutoML in future making it available outside Google.

AI platforms in News

Mitchell’s WorkCenter™ Assisted Review is P&C industry’s first AI-driven Claim Review Solution

Mitchell, leading provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Property & Casualty (P&C) claims and Collision Repair industries, has launched an integrated workflow solution to leverage artificial intelligence for the estimate review process. Named Mitchell WorkCenter™ Assisted Review, the solution uses machine-learning technology to help identify incorrect replace or repair decisions, helping insurance companies review more estimates in less time while refining estimating guidelines and consistency. Early pilot tests demonstrated that A.I.-identified claims consistently reduced the amount of time for the audit and review function per claim by a substantial margin.

IZEA uses artificial intelligence on its content with ContentMine

IZEA has introduced a new feature into its IZEAx platform named ContentMine that automatically mines content and tags photo and video assets using artificial intelligence. Apart from text and image processing, ContentMine includes smart groups, content ratings, and several search filters, and can programmatically grab screen shots of published social media content. “ContentMine serves as an intelligent repository for all the content generated through IZEA campaigns, and allows marketers to upload content produced outside our platform as well,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA, “If an Instagram picture taken by an influencer contains a dog and a car, ContentMine will programmatically identify those objects and make them searchable. Marketers can use the content analysis engine built into ContentMine to reduce the time historically spent tagging and manually organizing content.”

Other trending data science news

IBM’s new services make cloud migration easier, faster and more affordable  

IBM Cloud Migration Services and IBM Cloud Deployment Services are two new services launched by IBM that provide less expensive and faster ways to move business data and applications to the cloud. With Cloud Migration Services, businesses can understand their existing IT infrastructure and accordingly work to migrate services to the cloud. Whereas Cloud Deployment Services is a next-gen automation platform for building private and hybrid clouds across multiple platforms and service providers. Overall, the new services claim to drastically reduce the design, build, deployment and testing efforts.

AMA initiates integrated big data analytics platform IHMI to organize health data

In what could usher in a new era of patient care, the American Medical Association has announced that it is working on a big data analytics platform named Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI) to develop a common data model which could improve the way healthcare information is organized and shared. AMA is collaborating with Cerner Corporation, IBM, Intermountain Healthcare, PCORI, AMIA, and SNOMED, on this project. “We spend more than three trillion dollars a year on health care in America and generate more health data than ever before. Yet some of the most meaningful data – data to unlock potential improvements in patient outcomes – is fragmented, inaccessible or incomplete,” CEO of AMA James Madara noted.

Razorthink Big Brain: An advanced deep learning platform that automates data science tasks

Razorthink has launched a data science platform that automates the data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment of deep learning solutions. The automation platform is named Razorthink Big Brain, and it generates Expert AIs for customized business cases with superior predictive analytics. Created with hybrid algorithms that learns without human intervention, the Big Brain platform can discover insights using deep learning neural networks not possible otherwise with traditional machine learning algorithms.


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