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Blockchain in News

IBM launches blockchain network for international banking across 12 currency corridors

The use of digital currency received yet another boost for future as tech elephant IBM introduced its blockchain network for cross-border transactions. IBM has collaborated with KlickEx Group and Stellar.org on this platform, which the company described as a ‘paradigm shift’ underway to transfer money digitally all across the world at a real time. Currently, the network is handling transactions in a regulated environment across 12 currency corridors encompassing the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but soon there could be an increase in scalability and volume. Jesse Lund, IBM’s VP of Blockchain, predicted a “drastic shift in the construct of payments infrastructure” within the next five years.

Universa, Yellowrockets announce world’s first decentralized Blockchain accelerator

Universa and Yellowrockets have reportedly launched world’s first decentralized Blockchain accelerator. Recruitment for the accelerator has started, founder of the Universa blockchain platform Alexander Borodich announced. YellowRockets team will organize and manage the accelerator programs for which applications have to be first submitted till 10th of November on www.urockets.com. After the projects are examined and shortlisted, there will be a PreCamp held at BAZAAR Tech Convention in Sochi from Nov. 16-19, and only after that the best blockchain startups will be selected for the acceleration program. It could be a good meeting point for blockchain start-ups, industry experts, and investors.

Ethereum implements Blockchain Hard Fork to Byzantium

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has officially updated with the first half of the Metropolis hard fork, nicknamed Byzantium. The Byzantium upgrade is part of the Metropolis protocol designed to improve the blockchain by boosting network privacy and making it easier for decentralized applications (dapps) to proliferate on the platform. In 2015, Ethereum introduced a large-scale upgrade in its roadmap under the name Metropolis but the upgrade encountered substantial delays. As a result, Metropolis was broken into two phases – Byzantium and Constantinople.

Other Data Science News

Alibaba, Elastic collaborate to add Elasticsearch on Alibaba Cloud

The Alibaba Group and Elastic have joined hands to offer Elasticsearch on the Alibaba Cloud platform. The new service is called Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch. Now customers of Alibaba Cloud can deploy Elastic’s real-time search, data ingestion, and analytic features as a hosted and turnkey solution, according to an announcement during a keynote at The Computing Conference 2017. “Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch will be a highly differentiated service as it uses Elastic’s advanced search product and powerful X-Pack features across every tier of our service in a way that is easy to get started, consume, and manage,” said Yeming Wang, Deputy General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Global. The product is available immediately and includes Elastic’s Kibana and X-Pack features.


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