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Men in rags became millionaires and rich people bite the dust within minutes, thanks to crypto currencies. According to a research, over 1500 crypto currencies are being traded globally and with over 6 million wallets, proving that digital currency is here not just to stay but to rule. The rise and fall of crypto market isn’t hidden from anyone but the catch is—cryptocurrency still sells like a hot cake.

According to Bill Gates, “The future of money is digital currency”.

With thousands of digital currencies rolling globally, crypto traders are immensely occupied and this is where cryptocurrency trading bots come into play. They ease out the currency trade and research process that results in spending less effort and earning more money not to mention the hours saved.

According to Eric Schmidt, ex CEO of Google, “Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.

The crucial part is – whether the crypto trading bot is dependable and efficient enough to deliver optimum results within crunch time. To make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to chip in cash in your digital wallet, here are the top 15 crypto trading bots ranked according to the performance:

1- Gunbot

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot that boasts of detailed settings and is fit for beginners as well as professionals. Along with making custom strategies, it comes with a“Reversal Trading” feature. It enables continuous trading and works with almost all the exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, GDAX, Poloniex, etc).

Gunbot is backed by thousands of users that eventually created an engaging and helpful community. While Gunbot offers different packages with price tags of 0.02 to 0.15 BTC, you can always upgrade them. The bot comes with a lifetime license and is constantly upgraded.


Hassonline created this cryptocurrency trading bot in January 2014. Its algorithm is very popular among cryptocurrency geeks. It can trade over 500 altcoins and bitcoins on famous exchanges such as BTCC, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi, Poloniex, etc.

You need to put a little input of the currency and the bot will do all the trading work for you. Haasbot is customizable and has various technical indicator tools. The cryptocurrency trading bot also recognizes candlestick patterns. This immensely popular trading bot is priced between 0.12BTC and 0.32 BTC for three months.

3- Gekko

Gekko is a cryptocurrency trading bot that supports over 18 Bitcoin exchanges including Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bitfinex, etc. This bot is a backtesting platform and is free for use. It is a full fledged open source bot that is available on the GitHub. Using this bot is easy as it comes with basic trading strategies. The webinterface of Gekko was written from scratch and it can run backtests, visualize the test results while you monitor your local data with it.

Gekko updates you on the go using plugins for Telegram, IRC, email and several different platforms. The trading bot works great with all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS. You can even run it on your Raspberry PI and cloud platforms.

4- CryptoTrader

CyrptoTrader is a  cloud-based platform which allows users to create automated algorithmic trading programs in minutes. It is one of the most attractive crypto trading bot and you wont need to install any unknown software with this bot. A highly appreciated feature of CryptoTrader is its Strategy Marketplace where users can trade strategies.

It supports major currency exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, BTCe and is supported for live trading and backtesting. The company claims its cloud based trading bots are unique as compared with the currently available bots in the market.

5- BTC Robot

One of the very initial automated crypto trading bot, BTC Robot offers multiple packages for different memberships and software. It provides users with a downloadable version of Windows. The minimum robot plan is of $149. BTC Robot sets up quite easily but it is noted that its algorithms aren’t great at predicting the markets.

The user mileage in BTC Robot varies heavily leaving many with mediocre profits. With the trading bot’s fluctuating evaluation, the profits may go up or down drastically depending on the accuracy of algorithm. On the bright side the bot comes with a sixty day refund policy that makes it a safe buy.

6- Zenbot

Another open source trading bot for bitcoin trading, Zenbot can be downloaded and its code can be modified too. This trading bot hasn’t got an update in the past months but still, it is among one of the few bots that can perform high frequency trading while backing up multiple assets at a time.

Zenbot is a lightweight artificially intelligent crypto trading bot and supports popular exchanges such as Kraken, GDAX, Poloniex, Gemini, Bittrex, Quadriga, etc. Surprisingly, according to the GitHub’s page, Zenbot’s version 3.5.15 bagged an ROI of 195% in just a mere period of three months.

7- 3Commas

3Commas is a famous cryptocurrency trading bot that works well with various exchanges including Bitfinex, Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, Bitstamp, GDAX, Huiboi, Poloniex and YOBIT. As it is a web based service, you can always monitor your trading dashboard on desktop, mobile and laptop computers.

The bot works 24/7 and it allows you to take-profit targets and set stop-loss, along with a social trading aspect that enables you to copy the strategies used by successful traders. ETF-Like feature allows users to analyze, create and back-test a crypto portfolio and pick from the top performing portfolios created by other people.

8- Tradewave

Tradewave is a platform that enables users to develop their own cryptocurrency trading bots along with automated trading on crypto exchanges. The bot trades in the cloud and uses Python to write the code directly in the browser. With Tradewave, you don’t have to worry about the downtime.

The bot doesn’t force you to keep your computer on 24×7 nor it glitches if not connected to the internet. Trading strategies are often shared by community members that can be used by others too. However, it currently supports very few cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitstamp and BTC-E but more exchanges will be added in coming months.

9- Leonardo

Leonardo is a cryptocurrency trading bot that supports a number of exchanges such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, OKCoin, Huobi, etc. The team behind Leonardo is extremely active and new upgrades including plugins are in the funnel. Previously, it cost 0.5 BTC but currently, it is available for $89 with a license of single exchange.

Leonardo boasts of two trading strategy bots including Ping Pong Strategy and Margin Maker Strategy. The first strategy enables users to set the buy and sell price leaving all of the other plans to the bot while the Margin Maker strategy can buy and sell on price adjusted according to the direction in the market. This trading bot stands out in terms of GUI.

10- USI Tech

USI Tech is a trading bot that is majorly used for forex trading but it also offers BTC packages. While majority of trading bots require an initial setup and installation, USI uses a different approach and it isn’t controlled by the users.

Users are needed to buy-in from their expert mining and bitcoin trade connections and then, the USI Tech bot guarantees a daily profit from the transactions and trade. To earn one percent of the capital daily, customers are advised to choose feature rich plans..

11- Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper  is a 24/7 cloud based trading bot that means it doesn’t matter  if you are on the computer or not. Its system enables users to trade on technical indicators with subscription to a signaler who sends buy signals. According to the Cryptohopper’s website, it is the first crypto trading bot that is integrated with professional external signals.

The bot helps in leveraging bull markets and has a latest dashboard area where users can monitor and configure everything. The dashboard also includes a configuration wizard for the major exchanges including Bittrex, GDAX, Kraken,etc.

12- My Bitcoin Bot

MBB is a team effort from Brad Sheridon and his proficient teammates who are experts of cryptocurrency investment. My Bitcoin Bot is an automated trading software that can be accessed by anyone who is ready to pay for it.

While the monthly plan is of $39 a month, the yearly subscription for this auto-trader bot is available for of $297.

My bitcoin bot comes with heaps of advantages such as unlimited technical support, free software updates, access to trusted brokers list, etc.

13- Crypto Arbitrager

A standalone application that operates on a dedicated server, Crypto Arbitrager can leverage robots even when the PC is off. The developers behind this cryptocurrency trading bot claim that this software uses code integration of financial time series. Users can make money from the difference in rates of Litecoins and Bitcoins.

By implementing the advanced strategy of hedge funds, the trading bot effectively manages savings of users regardless of the state of the cryptocurrency market.

14- Crypto Robot 365

Crypto Robot 365 automatically trades your digital currency. It buys and sells popular cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, etc. Rather than a signup fee, this platform charges its commision on a per trade basis.

The platform is FCA-Regulated and offers a realistic achievable win ratio. According to the trading needs, users can tweak the system. Moreover, it has an established trading history and  it even offers risk management options.

Down The Line

While cryptocurrency trading is not a piece of cake, trading with currency bots may be confusing for many. The aforementioned trading bots are used by many and each is backed by years of extensive hard work. With reliability, trustworthiness, smartwork and proactiveness being top reasons for choosing any cryptocurrency trading bot, picking up a trading bot is a hefty task.

I recommend you experiment with small amount of money first and if your fate gets to a shining start, pick the trading bot that perfectly suits your way of making money via cryptocurrency.

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