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Featured interview

“Tableau is the most powerful and secure end-to-end analytics platform” – Joshua Milligan

This week we interviewed Joshua Milligan, Tableau Zen Master and the best selling author of the book, Learning Tableau. In this insightful interview, Joshua explains why Tableau is the Google of data visualization. He explores what’s possible in Tableau like Geospatial analysis and automating workflows, what the exciting new features such as Hyper, Tableau Prep mean for BI developers, among other topics.

Tech news

Conferences/Events in focus this week

What the PSF & Jetbrains 2017 Python Developer Survey reveals

Five developer centric sessions at IoT World 2018

F8 AR Announcements

What we learned at the ICRA 2018 conference for robotics & automation

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Development & programming news in depth

Cloud & networking news in depth

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Development tutorials

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