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Freshly published articles on the Packt Hub this week for your weekend reading! There is something for everyone.

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It’s been another busy week on the Packt Hub with a lot of tech news developments, hands on tutorials and insights on the latest and trending technological trends like Vue.js, Kotlin, GDPR and more. There has been plenty of interesting stories too from around the world.

Here’s what you might have missed in the last 7 days – Tutorials, insights and new on technology…

Featured Interview

Selenium and data-driven testing: An interview with Carl Cocchiaro

Data-driven testing has become a lot easier thanks to tools like Selenium. That’s good news for everyone in software development. We spoke to Carl Cocchiato about data-driven testing and much more. Carl is the author of Selenium Framework Design in Data-Driven Testing.

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This week we bring data and machine learning folks, tutorials on real-time streaming with Azure stream analytics, creating live visual dashboards in Power BI and using Q learning to build an options trading web app.

For web developers, this week is all about Vue.js with a little Go on the side. Android rules mobile development while Kotlin is gaining more traction as a serious programming language.

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This week’s opinions, analysis, and insights

Some hot topics in focus this week are Chaos engineering, GDPR, AIOps, the reactive Manifesto, cloud security threats and more. See what we learned from the recently concluded IBM Think and VUECONF.US conferences in this week’s special coverage.

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