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Yesterday, the OpenJS Foundation announced that Node Version Manager (NVM) is joining the organization as an incubating project. It is the first new project to enter the OpenJS Foundation’s incubation process since the Node.js Foundation and JSF merger. The merger happened in March this year for accelerating the development of JavaScript, combined governance structure, and more.

nvm is joining the OpenJS Foundation as an incubating project, and upon successful completion of onboarding, it will become an “At-Large” project. An “At -Large” project is one which is “stable projects with minimal needs,” the announcement reads.

Node Version Manager (NVM) and its functions

NVM is a tool that allows programmers to seamlessly switch between different versions of Node.js. It comes in handy when you are working on different Node.js projects or want to check your library for maximum backward compatibility. It is a POSIX-compliant bash script and supports multiple types of shells including Sh, Zsh, Dash, Ksh, except Fish.

NVM also makes installing node a very easy process by handling the compilation for systems that don’t have prebuilt binaries available. You can install multiple versions of node in a single system, each with its own node_modules directory for global package installs. Since NVM stores globally installed modules inside the user directory, it removes the need for sudo when used with npm.

NVM is an important part of the Node.js and JavaScript ecosystem. Joining the OpenJS Foundation will help in its further development, stability, and governance. “By joining the OpenJS Foundation, there are multiple organizational and infrastructure areas that will be better supported, helping both current users and future users including ensuring no single point of failure for the nvm.sh domain, GitHub repo, and more,” OpenJS Foundation wrote in the announcement.

Check out the official announcement by the OpenJS Foundation to know more in detail.

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