The LLVM project is ditching SVN for GitHub. The migration to Github has begun.

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The official LLVM monorepo repository was officially published on Github on Tuesday. Now is a good time to modify your workflows to use the monorepo as soon as possible. Any current SVN based workflows will be supported for at the most one more year.

The move from SVN to GitHub for LLVM has been long under consideration. After positive responses in the mailing threads and in favor of the GitHub community, LLVM has finally decided to set the migration plan in motion.

Two round-table meetings were held this week with the developers to discuss SVN to GitHub migration. Below are some highlights of these meetings.

The most important outcome from the meetings is an agreed upon timeline for completing the transition.

The latest monorepo prototype will be moved over to the LLVM organization Github project and has now begun mirroring the current SVN repository. Commits will still be made to the SVN repository just as they are currently done.

All community members are advised to begin migrating their workflows relying on SVN or the current git mirrors to use the new monorepo. As for CI jobs or internal mirrors that pull from SVN or*.git they should be modified to pull from the new monorepo instead. Changes are advised to also make them work with the new repository layout.

Developers are advised to begin using the new monorepo for development. The provided scripts should help to commit code. These scripts will enable you to commit to SVN from the monorepo without having to use git-svn.

The commit access will be turned off to the SVN server and commit access to the monorepo will be enabled in a year. At this point, the monorepo will be the only source for the project.

Keep an eye on the LLVM monorepo GitHub repository. There is a getting started guide to work with a GitHub monorepo and for more details you can take a look at the mailing list.

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