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The January 2019 release of Visual Studio code v1.31 is now available. This update brings Tree UI improvements, updated to the main menu, no reload on extension installation and other changes.

Features of Visual Studio code v1.31

No more reloads on installing extensions

This was one of the most requested features in the VS community. Now you don’t have to reload VS code whenever you install a new extension. Reload is not needed even when you uninstall an unactivated extension.

Improvements to the Tree UI

There is a new tree widget based on the already existing list widget. This tree UI was adopted in File Explorer, all debug trees, search, and peek references. Tree UI brings features like:

  • Better keyboard navigation for faster access
  • Hierarchical select all in a tree starting from the inner node the cursor is on
  • Customizable indentation for trees
  • Expand/collapse all tree nodes recursively
  • Horizontal scrolling

Improvements to menus

There are more navigation actions in the Go menu so that they can be discovered easily. The cut command is now available on the Explorer context menu.

Changes in the Editor

Text selection is smarter. Search history is shown below the search bar in the References view. Long descriptions can be written using string arrays.

Semantic selection

In HTML, CSS/LESS/SCSS, and JSON semantic selection is now available.

Reflow support in integrated terminal

The terminal will now automatically wrap and unwrap text whenever it’s resized.

New input variable

The input variables were introduced in the previous milestone. In Visual Studio code 1.31, there is a new input variable called command. It runs an arbitrary command when an input variable is interpolated.

Updated extension API documentation

The VS Code API documentation was rewritten and then moved to its own table of contents.

For more details on the improvements in Visual Studio code 1.31 January 2019, visit the release notes.

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