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iRobot, the intelligent robot making company revealed its latest robot vacuum, the Roomba i7+ yesterday. It is a successor to the Roomba 980 which was launched in 2015. The i7+ has two key changes – it stores a map of your house and empties the trash itself.

Weighing about 7.4lbs, the Roomba i7+ is designed to be easier to manage than the previous models. The new charging base houses a larger trash bin for automatic emptying. The stationary base automatically sucks the debris out of the Roomba into the bag. The base has the capacity to hold dirt of 30 cleanings. This would mean you’ll have to empty the bigger trash bag only once a month, depending on your cleaning needs.

The i7+ works with two rubber brushes, one to loosen up the dirt and another to lift and collect it. The large bag in the base traps dust so that it can’t escape. It works on iAdapt® 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM® technology both of which are patented. They allow the robot to map its surroundings and clean sections of your home systematically. It creates visual landmarks to keep track of areas it has cleaned and areas pending to clean.

Source: iRobot

The i7+ too like the older models connect to the iRobot Home app and can sync with virtual assistants like Alexa to schedule cleanings. Like the previous 900 series, the i7+ too maps your house, the difference being that the newer model stores the map for automatic navigation later.

You can use the app to differentiate and name different rooms and control the cleaning frequency. With an assistant, you can use voice commands to clean specific rooms.

The i7+ will be available in stores from October. The price tag of $949 may not appeal to everyone, but if you want your house to be cleaned automatically, this is something to consider. There is also a lower- priced model, the i7 with a price tag of $699. This version does not have a self-cleaning base or mapping features, but it can be controlled by Wifi or an assistant.

You can pre-order the latest Roomba i7+ from the iRobot website.

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