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The ‘Flock’ program provides grants to Aragon teams worth $1 million

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The team at Aragon started their journey towards a decentralized model at the beginning of 2018. Now finally, the vision has become a reality with two teams contributing to Aragon’s development: Aragon One and Aragon DAC. To further strengthen this motive, new Aragon teams need to be brought on board. This is why the team has been working on a program called ‘Flock’  for selecting new Aragon teams, which will provide a minimum grant of $1,000,000 for operational costs.

The Aragon project

For those who are not familiar with the Aragon project, it aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology. They provide tools for users to become entrepreneurs and run their own organization while easily and securely managing it. The Aragon organizations are powered by Ethereum, a global blockchain in which code and applications always run without any possibility of downtime or censorship.
The traditional Blockchain technology has a network of thousands of computers all over the globe. Users can set up their own nodes and all the necessary data is replicated across the network. There is a single shared point of cryptographically verifying the data.

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Alternatively, the decentralized design encouraged by Aragon ensures prohibiting interference of government or a malicious third-party in an organizations way of working.

What is Flock?

The Flock program is released in alpha to structure grants to Aragon teams. The program will handle the initial application and pre-selection process for new Aragon teams. Independent teams will be selected to work on the core components and products of the Aragon project. The funds provided are intended to cover:

  • The operational costs for research, development, and maintenance of the Aragon products and ecosystem for one year. The minimum amount of funds available for operations is $1 million.
  • An incentivization package in ANT

While the process of onboarding new teams will begin in the next few months, Aragon will be opening conversations with potential teams soon.

You can head over to Aragon’s blog to know more about their decentralization initiative. Alternatively, visit their GitHub page to know how to sign up your team to Aragon.

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