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1Tech, Culture, and Society

Google is using AI to help organizations detect and report child sexual abuse material online (Google blog)

In Tight Labor Market, Inmates Learn to Code. Indiana program teaches women in prison to write computer code (Wall Street Journal)

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2Tech, Community and Open Source

Facebook Reality Labs launch SUMO Challenge to improve 3D scene understanding and modeling algorithms (Packt Hub)

Ubuntu free Linux Mint Project, LMDE 3 ‘Cindy’ Cinnamon, released (Packt Hub)

Huawei may be bricking modded devices to kill community development (Notebook Check)

Linus Torvalds thinks Intel has gotten better about keeping the Linux open-source community in the loop with CPU security problems, but it started out really badly. And it’s still not fair that Linux has to fix hardware problems. (ZDNet)

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3Tech, Governance, and Politics

UN meetings ended with US & Russia avoiding formal talks to ban AI enabled killer robots (Packt Hub)

Japanese city becomes the first in the country to deploy blockchain-based voting (Chepicap)

Japanese police to test AI use for better investigations of criminal activity (Japan Times)

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4Tech, Business, and Startups

How Netflix uses AVA, an Image Discovery tool to find the perfect title image for each of its shows (Packt Hub)

Google’s Doors Hacked Wide Open By Own Employee (Forbes)

After Patent Office Rejection, It is Time For Google To Abandon Its Attempt to Patent Use of Public Domain Algorithm (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Skype U-turns on Snapchat-like features after complaints (BBC)

Swiss startup, Avrios has quietly raised $14M for an AI-fueled fleet management platform (Techcrunch)

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5Tools, Announcements, and Releases

PyTorch-based HyperLearn Statsmodels aims to implement a faster and leaner GPU Sklearn (Packt Hub)

The future of Jenkins is cloud native and a faster development pace with increased stability (Packt Hub)

Deep Angel: AI that erases objects from images (MIT)

Wasabi: A framework for dynamic analysis of WebAssembly programs (Wasabi software Labs)





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