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TensorFlow 1.11.0 releases

It’s been just a month since the release of TensorFlow 1.10, and the TensorFlow community introduces the newer version 1.11 with few major additions,...

The 5 biggest announcements from TensorFlow Developer Summit 2018

The second TensorFlow Developer Summit was filled with exciting product announcements and technical talks from the TensorFlow team and guest speakers. Here are 5...

Handpicked for your Weekend Reading – 17th Nov ’17

The weekend is here! You have got your laundry to do, binge on those Netflix episodes of your favorite show, catch up on that...

15th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

Python 2.7 countdown for NumPy, TensorFlow Lite developer preview, Twitter’s premium APIs, and more in today’s trending stories around data science news. NumPy to only...

Tensorflow Lite developer preview is Here

Team TensorFlow announces the developer preview of TensorFlow Lite, a feather-light upshot for mobile and embedded devices, at the I/O developer conference. TensorFlow has been...