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Top 5 automated testing frameworks

The world is abuzz with automation. It is everywhere today and becoming an integral part of organizations and processes. Software testing, an intrinsic part...

Selenium and data-driven testing: An interview with Carl Cocchiaro

Data-driven testing has become a lot easier thanks to tools like Selenium. That's good news for everyone in software development. It means you can...

How to work with the Selenium IntelliJ IDEA plugin

Most of the framework components you design and build will be customized to your application under test. However, there are many third-party tools and...

How to handle exceptions and synchronization methods with Selenium WebDriver API

One of the areas often misunderstood, but is important in framework design is exception handling. Users must program into their tests and methods on...

3 best practices to develop effective test automation with Selenium

In this article, we will look at some of the industry best practices and standards to use in order to develop and maintain effective...