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Stitch Fix: Full Stack Data Science and other winning strategies

Last week, a company in San Francisco was popping bottles of champagne for their achievements. And trust me, they’re not at all small. Not...

Getting started with Storm Components for Real Time Analytics

In this article by Shilpi Saxena and Saurabh Gupta from their book Practical Real-time data Processing and Analytics we shall explore Storm's architecture with its...

Stream me up, Scotty!

The following is an excerpt from the book Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics, Chapter 9, Stream me up, Scotty - Spark Streaming...

Say hello to Streaming Analytics

In this data-driven age, businesses want fast, accurate insights from their huge data repositories in the shortest time span — and in real time...

Is Apache Spark today’s Hadoop?

With businesses generating data at an enormous rate today, many Big Data processing alternatives such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Flink, and more have emerged...