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FAT* 2018 Conference Session 1 Summary: Online Discrimination and Privacy

The FAT* 2018 Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency is a first-of-its-kind international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed conference that seeks to publish and present work...

FAT* 2018 Conference Session 5 Summary on FAT Recommenders, Etc.

This session of FAT 2018 is about Recommenders, etc. Recommender systems are algorithmic tools for identifying items of interest to users. They are usually...

FAT Conference 2018 Session 3: Fairness in Computer Vision and NLP

Machine learning has emerged with a vast new ecosystem of techniques and infrastructure and we are just beginning to learn their full capabilities. But...

FAT Conference 2018 Session 4: Fair Classification

As algorithms are increasingly used to make decisions of social consequence, the social values encoded in these decision-making procedures are the subject of increasing...

FAT* 2018 Conference Session 2 Summary: Interpretability and Explainability

This session of the FAT* 2018 is about interpretability and explainability in machine learning models. With the advances in Deep learning, machine learning models...