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Find out the latest Deep Learning news and updates, including how to use Deep Learning in your own projects with TensorFlow and Keras, plus insight into how businesses around the world are using it to their advantage.

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): The next milestone In Deep Learning

With the rise in popularity of deep learning as a concept and a paradigm, neural networks are captivating the interest of machine learning enthusiasts...

Introducing “Pyro” for deep probabilistic modeling

Last year when Uber set up its ambitious facility in San Francisco as Uber AI Labs, the aim was to leverage cutting-edge research in...

1st Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

Google’s Firebase Predictions, QuickPivot’s machine learning suite Ada, Tensor algebra software Taco, and more in today’s data science news. Google Firebase in data science news Google...

26th Oct.’ 17 – Headlines

SciPy 1.0 release, Android 8.1 Developer Preview, SUSE’s Linux for SAP on IBM Cloud, and more in today’s data science news. SciPy in News SciPy 1.0...

Is Facebook-backed PyTorch better than Google’s TensorFlow?

The rapid rise of tools and techniques in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning of late has been astounding. Deep Learning, or “Machine learning on...

6 reasons why Google open-sourced TensorFlow

On November 9, 2015, a storm loomed over the SF Bay area creating major outages. At Mountain View, California, Google engineers were busy creating...

Why MXNet is a versatile Deep Learning framework

Tools to perform Deep Learning tasks are in abundance. You have programming languages that are adapted for the job or those specifically created to...

TensorFire: Firing up Deep Neural Nets in your browsers

Machine Learning is a powerful tool with applications in a wide variety of areas including image and object recognition, healthcare, language translation, and more....

Top 10 deep learning frameworks

Deep learning frameworks are powering the artificial intelligence revolution. Without them, it would be almost impossible for data scientists to deliver the level of...